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> About this System

Using this system, you can submit your thesis/dissertation in PDF format to NAIST Digital Library (NAIST DL). Your thesis/dissertation will be released on the NAIST DL website and naistar (Academic Repository), and be available to the public.

If postponement of digital archiving via Iinternet is approved, we will not release your thesis/dissertation until the reason preventing open access has been resolved.

For more information, please refer to the following notice.


Be sure to read "Doctor FAQ".

All students must submit their dissertations whether applying for postponement or not.

If your application for postponement of digital archiving is approved, we will not release your thesis/dissertation via internet until the reason preventing open access has been resolved. After the reasons for postponement are resolved, please notify NAIST DL immediately and consent to the digital archiving of your thesis/dissertation via internet.

You must submit the final version of your thesis/dissertation that has been examined by the thesis/dissertation committee. If you revise your thesis/dissertation after submission, you can update the submitted thesis/dissertation through this system before locking your account. We recommend submitting your thesis/dissertation after you have completely finished revision.

If you have any questions, please contact NAIST DL. The e-mail address is at the end of this web page.

> Submission Deadline

Expected graduates in this December: December 15th (Fri), 2023

> Hints on generating a PDF data file

High printing resolution is desirable for future use. Resolution from 600dpi to 2400dpi is recommended.

Please disable any security configuration or passwords for opening or printing.

Do not encipher the file.

Do not use an imported font file.

> Account information for the system

The submission system requires your MANDARA account. If you do not have it, please contact NAIST DL.


Regardless of the language of your thesis/dissertation, some fields in the form require Japanese. So please submit your thesis/dissertation from a Japanese-enabled environment. If you cannot input in Japanese on your web browser, please contact NAIST DL.

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