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> About this System

Using this system, you can submit your master's thesis in PDF format to NAIST Digital Library (NAIST DL). Your master's thesis will be released on the NAIST DL web site and be available based on the contents of the following documents.
 All master's students who entered by October 2017:"Consent form for master's theses"
 All master's students who entered from April 2018:"Digital archiving (Institutional repository registration) of Master's Thesis"
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Be sure to read "Master FAQ".

The theses submitted through this system are neither for your thesis review nor for the final submission to your graduate school. Please contact the administrative office of your division if you are not sure of the requirements to receive your degree.

We need your agreement for releasing your master's thesis on the NAIST DL web site. The agreement form is available at administrative office of your division. Please fill in the form and submit it to the office. We will release your master's thesis based on it.

Be sure to submit the final version of your master's thesis that has been examined by the thesis committee. If you revise your thesis after submission, you can update the submitted thesis through the system before locking your account. We recommend you to submit your thesis after you have complete revisions.
And all students belonging to the Graduate School of Science and Technology (entered from 2018 academic year) are required to register for the final version of master's thesis, even though you select “Not open to the public”.

If you have any questions, please contact NAIST DL. The e-mail address is at the end of this web page.

>Submission deadline

Now submission system is closed.

> Hints on generating a PDF file

High printing resolution is desirable for the future use. Resolution from 600dpi to 2400dpi is recommended.

Please disable any security configurations of the PDF file.

>Account information for the system

The submission system requires your MANDARA account. If you do not have it, please contact NAIST DL.


Regardless of the language of your master's thesis, some fields in the form require Japanese. So please submit your thesis from a Japanese-enabled environment. If you cannot input in Japanese on your web browser, please contact NAIST DL.

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