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Reference Management Softwares

The service marked are for NAIST members only

EndNote basic
EndNote basic delivers tools to search online resources, save Web of Knowledge records directly to an online library, collect and organize references, and format citations and footnotes or a bibliography.
Included with Web of Knouledge, free for NAIST members.
Remote access service can be used by log on with your Web of Knouledge account. (You have to log on in NAIST at least once a year, or you cannnot remote log on.)
Quick reference (PDF 3.3MB)


A free desktop application (Mendeley Desktop) and web application (Mendeley Web) for managing and sharing research papers. (for a fee over 500MB) English Interface.
Automatic extraction of metadata from PDF papers, direct import of bibliographic data from various databases, full-text search across papers.Social networking features.
iPhone&iPad app is available.


RefWorks allows you to import references from variety of databases, documents and other formats, save and manage them for variety of researh activities.
If you sign up for your individual account, your peronal databases are created in Refworks server.
You need not to install and upgrade like CD-ROM because you can search and select references in web browser.

You can easily import references from multiple databases. | How to import data
You can create your paper and bibliography in output style you select.
You can share your references with members you've invited.

(new) RefWorks(legacy) RefWorks
General Research Guides

(Upgrading to new RefWorks)

  1. Log into your legacy RefWorks account and select the "Move to the newest version of RefWorks from ProQuest" link.
  2. If you have not created a new RefWorks account, you will be prompted to create an account. Once you click the link to move to the latest version, your references, file attachments, folders and custom output styles will automatically be moved to your new RefWorks account.

(Creating your account)

  • Using university's e-mail address
  • Using not university's e-mail address
    1. Access to legacy RefWorks through the NAIST network and select "新規アカウントを申し込む".
    2. See above "Upgrading to new RefWorks".

(To use RefWorks after graduation)

  • If you would like to continue using RefWorks after graduation, be sure to create your RefWorks account while you are in NAIST.
  • As long as NAIST has subscribtion contract with RefWorks, you will be able to use it. (* NAIST Library reviews the subscription every year. In the case of cancellation, we will inform you in advance.)
  • In order to receive the informations, please change your e-mail address which reaches you after graduation.