Thesis/dissertation PDF Submission system - FAQ
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> Q-1: I left the university last year. Tell me how to submit my thesis PDF.

A: We treat exceptional cases one by one. Please contact us by e-mail. We expect we can receive your PDF file by e-mail.

> Q-2: Do I have to submit my thesis PDF in any case?

A: The digital publication of a thesis PDF depends on your acceptance of it. We respect your intention. For releasing academic results of university widely, please cooperate with the digital publication of theses via the Internet.
All theses of master students who enrolled after April 2018, the library decide to store them in PDF format only. Be sure to submit your thesis PDF.

> Q-3: I contribute my graduation thesis to a journal, so I can't open my thesis through the digital library now. What can I do with it?

A: The terms of digital publication are written in the agreement form. Check it and, if the terms doesn't match your condition anyway, please contact us.

> Q-4: I specify the terms as I accept the digital publication 2 years after. Is it enable that I submit my thesis PDF 2 years after?

A: However you specify the terms as you accept the digital publication 1 or 2 years after, you should submit your thesis PDF by your graduation. We will open your thesis PDF when the time comes.

> Q-5: I wrote my thesis in English. Should I input the Japanese fields in the submission form?

A: In case your thesis is written in English, please input the fields below with Japanese characters.

  • Your name in Katakana
  • Thesis title in Japanese
  • Thesis title in Katakana (Japanese)

> Q-6: I wrote my thesis in Japanese. Should I input the English field in the submission form?

A: In case your thesis is written in Japanese, please input the field below with English characters.

  • Thesis title in English

> Q-7: I wrote my thesis in Japanese, and its title includes some English words in alphabets. Should I convert these words into katakana characters for the field "Thesis title in Katakana (Japanese)"?

A: No, please input them in alphabets as are in the original Japanese title.

> Q-8: If the keyword consists only of alphanumeric characters, how do I enter keywords (Katakana)?

A: If the keyword consists only of alphanumeric characters, leave the keyword (katakana) blank.

> Q-9: I found a correction in my doctoral theses/dissertation submitted after locking the submission system. How can I unlock system?

A: You cannot release the system by yourself. Please contact to NAIST Digital Library( to request to unlock (the procedure will be dealt during weekdays).

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