NAIST Library hours and holidays
The library is open to the public between 9 am and 5 pm except on the folllowing days:
 Saturdays and Sundays
 National holidays
 Anniversary of the founding of NAIST (October 1)
 Summer holidays
 New Year Holidays(December 28 to January 4)
※ Please confirm about temporary closing days on the library web site.
Requirements for external users
External users must complete the necessary procedures at the service counter on the second floor of the NAIST library during the service hours.
They will be given a library pass, which should be worn in a cleary visible manner and returned to the counter upon leaving the library.
Note that it is not permitted to stay in the library for purpose other than using library materials.
For visitors from Nara Women's University and Nara University of Education, please see the guide below.
External users can not check out library materials.
Prior to coming, please ask about the materials you would like to use by email.
Some materials could not be available under the borrowing.
Library materials are available for inspection in reading corner.
Books in Laboratories are not available.
Books in the stack room could be available for retrieve by application forms.
Due to the Copyrights, some theses could not be available.
For more details, please come to the service counter.
Prior to photocopying library materials, you must fully comply with Copyright laws.
Per-copy price: black and white 35 yen / color 80 yen
Online journals
The online journals that allows walk-in users are available on PCs in Navigation Corner. Due to the network restrictions, external users can not access the Web on the PCs.
NAIST's digitized materials
Digitized materials marked with the "FREE" icon can be viewed by all users, both internal and external via internet.
Disitized materials for internal users are not available even in NAIST campus.

  • Bring your identify verification documents, such as drivers licence or resident registration card and your student/faculty ID card.
  • Submit the application form (Word) (PDF) at the service counter.
    Valid term is one year.
  • The users can check out up to ten books from the library for two weeks.
    (The books in laboratories, journals, reference books are not available.)
  • Per-copy price: black and white 20 yen / color 50 yen
    (Same price as the internal users)

NAIST Digital Library:
Information Service and Digital Library Section,
Information and Digital Library Services Division

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