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Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 目次あり PDF

Shannon : Elsevier Scientific Publishers Ireland, c1985-


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Plant science letters : an international journal of experimental plant biology

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1 電子化情報 1995-1997 105(1), 106-114, 115(2), 116-130  
2 図書館 1993-1998 88-130, 131(1)  
3 電子ジャーナル Science Direct -2007  

Vol.130 No.2 1997年12月22日

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4001709 1998/02/26 0
PDF Competitive inhibition of spinach leaf phosphoglucose isomerase isoenzymes by erythrose 4-phosphate / Backhausen J.E., Jostingmeyer P., Scheibe R. p.121-131
PDF Recognition of specific patterns of amino acid inhibition of growth in higher plants, uncomplicated by glutamine-reversible ‘general amino acid inhibition’ / Bonner C.A., Jensen R.A. p.133-143
PDF Bifunctional plant defence enzymes with chitinase and ribosome inactivating activities from Trichosanthes kirilowii cell cultures / Shih N.R., McDonald K.A., Jackman A.P., Girbes T., Iglesias R. p.145-150
PDF The irreversible photoinhibition of the photosystem II complex in leaves of Vicia faba under strong light / Hideg E., Murata N. p.151-158
PDF TMV-induced expression of tobacco β-glucanase promoter activity is mediated by a single, inverted, GCC motif / Livne B., Faktor O., Zeitoune S., Edelbaum O., Sela I. p.159-169
PDF ATMRK1, an Arabidopsis protein kinase related to mammal mixed-lineage kinases and Raf protein kinases / Ichimura K., Mizoguchi T., Shinozaki K. p.171-179
PDF Transposon-associated somatic gai-loss sectors in Arabidopsis / Peng J., Harberd N.P. p.181-188
PDF The pea seed storage protein legumin was synthesized, processed, and accumulated stably in transgenic rice endosperm / Sindhu A.S., Zheng Z., Murai N. p.189-196
PDF Enhanced somatic single embryo formation by plasmolyzing pretreatment from cultured ginseng cotyledons / Choi Y.-E., Soh W.-Y. p.197-206
PDF Role of oxidative damage in tulip bulb scale micropropagation / van Rossum M.W.P.C., Alberda M., van der Plas L.H.W. p.207-216
PDF Mitotic activity in wheat shoot apical meristems: effect of dissection to expose the apical dome / Simmonds J.A. p.217-225
PDF Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 74, Ribozyme Protocols / Huttner E. p.227-228
PDF Genetics, Cytogenetics and Breeding of Crop plants, Vol. 1, Pulses and Oilseeds / Link W. p.229
PDF Author index p.231
PDF Subject index p.233-236
PDF Volume contents p.237-238

Vol.130 No.1 1997年12月5日

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4001708 1998/02/26 0
PDF Heat- and acid-tolerance of a grass commonly found in geothermal areas within Yellowstone National Park / Stout R.G., Summers M.L., Kerstetter T., McDermott T.R. p.1-9
PDF Effects of an abscisic acid pretreatment on membrane leakage and lipid composition of Vigna unguiculata leaf discs subjected to osmotic stress / Campos P.S., Pham Thi A.T. p.11-18
PDF Differences in kinetics of F1-ATPases of cytoplasmic male sterile, maintainer and fertility restored lines of sorghum / Sane A.P., Nath P., Sane P.V. p.19-25
PDF Phytoestrogens and floral development in dioecious Maclura pomifera (Raf.) Schneid. and Morus rubra L. (Moraceae) / Maier C.G.-A., Chapman K.D., Smith D.W. p.27-40
PDF Increased protein content in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana over-expressing nitrate reductase activity / Nejidat A., Zhang G., Grinberg M., Heimer Y.M. p.41-49
PDF Effects of a triazolic fungicide on maize plant metabolism: modifications of transcript abundance in resistance-related pathways / Ronchi A., Farina G., Gozzo F., Tonelli C. p.51-62
PDF Evidence for surface perception of abscisic acid by rice suspension cells as assayed by Em gene expression / Schultz T.F., Quatrano R.S. p.63-71
PDF A 200-bp constructed inducible PR-1a promoter fusion to the Ac transposase gene drives higher transposition of a Ds element than the native PR-1a promoter fusion drives / Charng Y.-C., Ma C., Tu J., Kuo T.-T. p.73-86
PDF Plasmolysis of precultured immature embryos improves Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer to rice (Oryza sativa L.) / Uze M., Wunn J., Puonti-Kaerlas J., Potrykus I., Sautter C. p.87-95
PDF The subcellular localization of peroxidase and the implication of oxidative stress in hyperhydrated leaves of regenerated carnation plants / Olmos E., Piqueras A., Ramon Martnez-Solano J., Helln E. p.97-105
PDF A simple and rapid method for determining cell survival in the cryopreserved shoot apex using luciferin-luciferase ATP assay / Sugawara Y., Takeuchi M. p.107-112
PDF Book ReviewFloral Biology: Studies on Floral Evolution in Animal-Pollinated Plants / S.G.Weller p.113-115
PDF Book Review Ethnobotany Principles and Applications / S.Banack p.117-118
PDF Instructions to Authors p.119-120

Vol.129 No.2 1997年11月21日

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4001617 1998/02/05 0
PDF The use of geminiviruses in biotechnology and plant molecular biology, with particular focus on Mastreviruses / Palmer K.E., Rybicki E.P. p.115-130
PDF Cytokinin biosynthesis in endosperm of Sechium edule Sw. / Piaggesi A., Picciarelli P., Ceccarelli N., Lorenzi R. p.131-140
PDF Chlorophyllase activity in wheat, Triticum aestivum L. leaves during drought and its dependence on the nitrogen ion form applied / Mihailovic N., Lazarevic M., Dzeletovic Z., Vuckovic M., Durdevic M. p.141-146
PDF Physiological changes in osmotically stressed detached leaves of alfalfa genotypes selected in vitro / Djilianov D., Dragiiska R., Yordanova R., Doltchinkova V., Yordanov Y., Atanassov A. p.147-156
PDF Oxidants and antioxidants during aging of chrysanthemum petals / Bartoli C.G., Simontacchi M., Montaldi E.R., Puntarulo S. p.157-165
PDF cDNA cloning and endogenous expression of a flavonoid 3´5´-hydroxylase from petals of lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum) / Nielsen K.M., Podivinsky E. p.167-174
PDF Changes in carbohydrate composition and α-amylase expression during germination and seedling growth of starch-deficient endosperm mutants of maize / Young T.E., Juvik J.A., DeMason D.A. p.175-189
PDF A transmitting tissue- and pollen-expressed protein from sunflower with sequence similarity to the human RTP protein / Krauter-Canham R., Bronner R., Evrard J.-L., Hahne G., Friedt W., Steinmetz A. p.191-202
PDF Variant mitochondrial transcripts of a broad bean line are associated with two point mutations located upstream of the nad5 exon c / Scheepers D., Hong L., Boutry M. p.203-212
PDF Micropropagation of the giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus giganteus Munro) from nodal explants of field grown culms / Ramanayake S.M.S.D., Yakandawala K. p.213-223
PDF In vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants, Vol. 4, Cereals / Foroughi-Wehr B. p.225-226
PDF Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture: In vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants, Vol. 5, Oil, Ornamental and Miscellaneous Plants / Simon M. p.227
PDF Author index p.229
PDF Subject index p.231-234
PDF Volume contents p.235-236

Vol.129 No.1 1997年10月28日

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4001972 1998/05/08 0
PDF Carbohydrate metabolism as a possible physiological modulator of dormancy in turions of Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleiden / Ley S., Dolger K., Appenroth K.-J. p.1-7
PDF Partial purification and characteristics of membrane-associated NAD+-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase activity from etiolated pea mitochondria / McIntosh C.A. p.9-20
PDF Homophytochelatin accumulation in Cd-treated runner bean plants is related to their growth stage / Tukendorf A., Skorzynska-Polit E., Baszynski T. p.21-28
PDF Decline in photosynthetic electron transport activity and changes in thylakoid protein pattern in field grown iron deficient Peach (Prunus persica L.) / Nedunchezhian N., Morales F., Abadia A., Abadia J. p.29-38
PDF Glyoxylate cycle enzymes in seedlings and in mature plants of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) / Nieri B., Ciurli A., Pistelli L., Smith S.M., Alpi A., De Bellis L. p.39-47
PDF Different lipid transfer protein mRNA accumulate in distinct parts of Prunus amygdalus flower / Suelves M., Puigdomenech P. p.49-56
PDF Analysis of a C4 maize pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase expressed in C3 transgenic Arabidopsis plants / Ishimaru K., Ichikawa H., Matsuoka M., Ohsugi R. p.57-64
PDF Sequence analysis and transcript processing of the mitochondrial nad3-rps12 genes from Sorghum bicolor / Howad W., Kempken F. p.65-68
PDF Chromatin structure of the Arabidopsis thaliana Adh promoter: analysis of nucleosome positioning / Torres L., Garrido B., Rodrguez J.L., Franco L. p.69-79
PDF Characterization of Δ1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase gene promoter in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana subjected to water stress / Zhang C.-s., Lu Q., Verma D.P.S. p.81-89
PDF Expression of genes in transgenic plants from bicistronic transcriptional units / Lough T., Tourneur C., Masson J., Robaglia C. p.91-99
PDF Plant regeneration from embryogenic callus of finger millet Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn. on higher concentrations of NH4NO3 as a replacement of NAA in the medium / Poddar K., Vishnoi R.K., Kothari S.L. p.101-106
PDF Book review p.107
PDF Book review p.109-110
PDF Book review p.111

Vol.128 No.2 1997年10月13日

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4001971 1998/05/08 0
PDF Effects of ion transport inhibitors on D2O induced action potential in Characeae / Andjus P.R., Popovic O., Sarvazyan N., Sarvazyan N., Zivic M., Vucelic D. p.121-129
PDF Influence of cadmium on soluble carbohydrates, free amino acids, protein content of in vitro cultured Lupinus albus / Costa G., Spitz E. p.131-140
PDF Expression of lipoxygenase isoenzymes in developing barley grains / Schmitt N.F., Van Mechelen J.R. p.141-150
PDF Dehydroascorbate reductase and monodehydroascorbate reductase activities of trypsin inhibitors, the major sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas [L.] Lam) root storage protein / Hou W.-C., Lin Y.-H. p.151-158
PDF Differences in the rate of dephosphorylation of thylakoid proteins during dark incubation after chilling in the light between two rice (Oriza sativa L.) varieties / Kim J.-H., Jin Hwang H., Park H.-S., Bum Lee C., Young Myung K., Lee C.-H. p.159-168
PDF In vitro and in organello phosphorylation of envelope proteins and phosphoglucomutase in spinach chloroplasts / Bovet L., L'Eplattenier B., Siegenthaler P.-A. p.169-180
PDF Characterization of the Lupinus luteus cDNA clone encoding ribosomal protein P0 / Mikolajczyk K., Szymanski M., Barciszewski J. p.181-190
PDF Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) fructokinase expressed in yeast exhibits inhibition by fructose of both in vitro enzyme activity and rate of cell proliferation / Dai N., Schaffer A., Petreikov M., Granot D. p.191-197
PDF Cloning of the wound-inducible protein CBP20 and expression in suspension cultures of tobacco / Hensel G., Brosius M., Maeting I., Wartmann T., Horstmann C., Kunze G., Kunze I. p.199-206
PDF Comparative study of the development of zygotic and somatic embryos of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) / Suhasini K., Sagare A.P., Sainkar S.R., Krishnamurthy K.V. p.207-216
PDF Cell wall proteins of in vitro cultured chili pepper lines differing in water stress tolerance / Fernanda Q.-H.M., del Socorro S.-D.M., Fernando G.-d.l.C.R. p.217-223
PDF Physical stresses in plants, genes and their products for tolerance / Delseny M. p.225-226
PDF Corrigendum p.227
PDF Publicher's Acknowledgement p.229
PDF Author index volume 128 p.231
PDF Subject index volume 128 p.233-236
PDF Volume contents volume 128 p.237-238
創刊・終刊 : Vol. 38, no. 1 (Feb. 1985)-
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Plant sci (Limerick)

Plant science (Limerick)

Plant science (Shannon, Ireland)

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Plant science letters : an international journal of experimental plant biology

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