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Oxford : Published for the European Molecular Biology Organization by Oxford University Press, c2000 -


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1 電子化情報 2000-2002 1-3  
2 図書館 2000-2003 1(1-3), 2-4  
3 電子ジャーナル Wiley 2000- 1-+ 継続中 

[製本済] 4(7-12) 2003  [最新号] 

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1 図書館 2013737 2006/01/06 製本 0


  • Vol.4 No.7 2003年7月
  • Vol.4 No.8 2003年8月
  • Vol.4 No.9 2003年9月
  • Vol.4 No.10 2003年10月
  • Vol.4 No.11 2003年11月
  • Vol.4 No.12 2003年12月

[製本済] 4(1-6) 2003

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1 図書館 2013736 2006/01/06 製本 0


  • Vol.4 No.1 2003年1月
  • Vol.4 No.2 2003年2月
  • Vol.4 No.3 2003年3月
  • Vol.4 No.4 2003年4月
  • Vol.4 No.5 2003年5月
  • Vol.4 No.6 2003年6月

Vol.3 No.12 2002年12月

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1 電子化情報 4200449 2002/12/11 0
PDF science & society: editorial: The Max factor / Frank Gannon p.1107
PDF correspondence: Commentary on Samuel Broder's, Stephen Hoffman's and Peter Hotez's article in EMBO reports, September 2002 / Jorge E. Ossa p.1108
PDF Commentary on Samuel Broder's, Stephen Hoffman's and Peter Hotez's article in EMBO reports, September 2002 / Andrew J.G. Simpson p.1108-1109
PDF viewpoint: A new partnership between science and politics: European scientists ought to adapt to new research policy paradigms / Luc van Dyck p.1110-1113
PDF analysis: Turning manure into gold: The potential of methane-producing bacteria to meet future energy needs / Jack Parker p.1114-1116
PDF Mad deer: The North American version of prion disease / Holger Breithaupt p.1117-1119
PDF Patents and public health: European institutions are challenging Myriad Genetics's patent monopoly on the brca1 gene / Aude Lecrubier p.1120-1122
PDF reviews: meeting reports: Grand ideas floating freely: Conference on the new prion biology: basic science, diagnosis and therapy / Bruce Chesebro p.1123-1126
PDF Healthy ageing: a question of stress, damage and repair: Meeting on mechanisms of biological ageing / Pidder Jansen-Durr and Heinz D. Osiewacz p.1127-1132
PDF concept: Attraction within the membrane: Forces behind transmembrane protein folding and supramolecular complex assembly / Volkhard Helms p.1133-1138
PDF reviews: Telomere architecture / Daniela Rhodes, Louise Fairall, Tomas Simonsson, Robert Court, and Lynda Chapman p.1139-1145
PDF Neuroglobin and cytoglobin: Fresh blood for the vertebrate globin family / Alessandra Pesce, Martino Bolognesi, Alessio Bocedi, Paolo Ascenzi, Sylvia Dewilde, Luc Moens, Thomas Hankeln, and Thorsten Burmester p.1146-1151
PDF scientific reports: T-DNA integration into the Arabidopsis genome depends on sequences of pre-insertion sites / Veronique Brunaud, Sandrine Balzergue, Bertrand Dubreucq, Sebastien Aubourg, Franck Samson, Stephanie Chauvin, Nicole Bechtold, Corinne Cruaud, Richard DeRose, Georges Pelletier, Loic Lepiniec, Michel Caboche, and Alain Lecharny p.1152-1157
PDF Genomic expansion and clustering of ZAD-containing C2H2 zinc-finger genes in Drosophila / Ho-Ryun Chung, Ulrich Schafer, Herbert Jackle, and Siegfried Bohm p.1158-1162
PDF The Min system is not required for precise placement of the midcell Z ring in Bacillus subtilis / Margaret D. Migocki, Marcelle K. Freeman, R. Gerry Wake, and Elizabeth J. Harry p.1163-1167
PDF Formation of extrachromosomal circles from telomeric DNA in Xenopus laevis / Sarit Cohen and Marcel Mechali p.1168-1174
PDF Rotavirus gene silencing by small interfering RNAs / Miguel Angel Dector, Pedro Romero, Susana Lopez, and Carlos F. Arias p.1175-1180
PDF Liver receptor homolog 1 controls the expression of the scavenger receptor class B type I / Kristina Schoonjans, Jean-Sebastien Annicotte, Thierry Huby, Oronza A. Botrugno, Elisabeth Fayard, Yukihiko Ueda, John Chapman, and Johan Auwerx p.1181-1187
PDF Dynamic behavior of transcription factors on a natural promoter in living cells / Matthias Becker, Christopher Baumann, Sam John, Dawn A. Walker, Marc Vigneron, James G. McNally, and Gordon L. Hager p.1188-1194
PDF PVF2, a PDGF/VEGF-like growth factor, induces hemocyte proliferation in Drosophila larvae / Anne-Isabelle Munier, Daniel Doucet, Emmanuel Perrodou, Daniel Zachary, Marie Meister, Jules A. Hoffmann, Charles A. Janeway, Jr, and Marie Lagueux p.1195-1200
PDF RIP4 (DIK/PKK), a novel member of the RIP kinase family, activates NF-κB and is processed during apoptosis / Etienne Meylan, Fabio Martinon, Margot Thome, Michael Gschwendt, and Jurg Tschopp p.1201-1208
PDF The D-Box-activating domain (DAD) is a new proteolysis signal that stimulates the silent D-Box sequence of Aurora-A / Anna Castro, Suzanne Vigneron, Cyril Bernis, Jean-Claude Labbe, Claude Prigent, and Thierry Lorca p.1209-1214
PDF COP9 signalosome components play a role in the mating pheromone response of S. cerevisiae / Vered Maytal-Kivity, Ron Piran, Elah Pick, Kay Hofmann, and Michael H. Glickman p.1215-1221
PDF Role of ubiquitination in retro-translocation of cholera toxin and escape of cytosolic degradation / Chiara Rodighiero, Billy Tsai, Tom A. Rapoport, and Wayne I. Lencer p.1222-1227
PDF Erratum: Mutations in the relay loop region result in dominant-negative inhibition of myosin II function in Dictyostelium / Georgios Tsiavaliaris, Setsuko Fujita-Becker, Renu Batra, Dmitrii I. Levitsky, F. Jon Kull, Michael A. Geeves, and Dietmar J. Manstein p.1228

Vol.3 No.11 2002年11月

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1 電子化情報 4200443 2002/11/15 0
PDF science & society: editorial: The foot soldiers of science / Frank Gannon p.1003
PDF correspondence: Commentary on Gaspar Jekely’s article in EMBO reports, July 2002 / Jorg Klug p.1004
PDF viewpoint: Training scientists to be journalists: Clear and accessible writing is not good enough for the public. Above all, it has to have sparkle / John Wilkes p.1005-1008
PDF Immunology at the crossroads: As decades of research have resulted in few clinical applications, it is time to think about new research strategies to understand the workings of the immune system / Antonio Coutinho p.1008-1011
PDF analysis: How much is a scientist worth?: Pay and benefits for postdoctoral researchers / Jack Parker p.1012-1015
PDF When will the bear move on?: The current problems of the biotechnology industry are not solely a reflection of the whole market but are also caused by some specific problems / Vicki Brower p.1015-1017
PDF What you don’t learn at the bench...: Conclusions from the EMBO/ELSF-organised meeting on career prospects in the life sciences / Andrew Moore p.1018-1020
PDF book reviews: Who wants to live forever? / Efstathios S. Gonos p.1021
PDF The memoirs of an activist / Benno Muller-Hill p.1022
PDF reviews: meeting reports: Walking pathways at Heidelberg: Conference on oncogenes and growth control / Xose R. Bustelo and Piero Crespo p.1023-1028
PDF From neurotrophins to immunotrophins: NGF 2002: The 7th international conference on NGF and related molecules / Mike Fainzilber and Bruce D. Carter p.1029-1034
PDF concept: Arf, Arl, Arp and Sar proteins: a family of GTP-binding proteins with a structural device for ‘front_back’ communication / Sebastiano Pasqualato, Louis Renault, and Jacqueline Cherfils p.1035-1041
PDF reviews: Phytochrome-mediated photoperception and signal transduction in higher plants / Eberhard Schafer and Chris Bowle p.1042-1048
PDF scientific reports: Role of the AtRad1p endonuclease in homologous recombination in plants / Sandra Dubest, Maria E. Gallego, and Charles I. White p.1049-1054
PDF Human telomeric position effect is determined by chromosomal context and telomeric chromatin integrity / Catherine Elaine Koering, Alessandra Pollice, Maria Pia Zibella, Serge Bauwens, Alain Puisieux, Michele Brunori, Christine Brun, Luis Martins, Laure Sabatier, John F. Pulitzer, and Eric Gilson p.1055-1061
PDF The adenovirus protein Gam1 interferes with sumoylation of histone deacetylase 1 / Riccardo Colombo, Roberto Boggio, Christian Seiser, Giulio F. Draetta, and Susanna Chiocca p.1062-1068
PDF Distinct involvement of the Jun-N-terminal kinase and NF-B pathways in the repression of the human COL1A2 gene by TNF-α / Franck Verrecchia, Erwin F. Wagner, and Alain Mauviel p.1069-1074
PDF Expression of mutant Ets protein at the neuromuscular synapse causes alterations in morphology and gene expression / Alban de Kerchove d’Exaerde, Jean Cartaud, Aymeric Ravel-Chapuis, Thierry Seroz, Fabien Pasteau, Lindsay M. Angus, Bernard J. Jasmin, Jean-Pierre Changeux, and Laurent Schaeffer p.1075-1081
PDF Multiple interactions between RNA polymerase I, TIF-IA and TAFI subunits regulate preinitiation complex assembly at the ribosomal gene promoter / Xuejun Yuan, Jian Zhao, Hanswalter Zentgraf, Urs Hoffmann-Rohrer, and Ingrid Grummt p.1082-1087
PDF Functional inactivation of the SR family of splicing factors during a vaccinia virus infection / Tien-sheng Huang, Camilla Estmer Nilsson, Tanel Punga, and Goran Akusjarvi p.1088-1093
PDF Intersubunit bridging by Na+ ions as a rationale for the unusual stability of the c-rings of Na+-translocating F1F0 ATP synthases / Thomas Meier and Peter Dimroth p.1094-1098
PDF Mutations in the relay loop region result in dominant-negative inhibition of myosin II function in Dictyostelium / Georgios Tsiavaliaris, Setsuko Fujita-Becker, Renu Batra, Dmitrii I. Levitsky, F. Jon Kull, Michael A. Geeves, and Dietmar J. Manstein p.1099-1105

Vol.3 No.10 2002年10月

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1 電子化情報 4200435 2002/10/09 0
PDF science & society: editorial: Do the maths / Holger Breithaupt p.905
PDF viewpoint: A tree full of the fruits of opportunity: A new paradigm for education, training and career paths in the natural sciences / Torsten Wiesel and Enric Banda p.906-910
PDF interview: Challenges for European Science: An interview with Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker, President of the DFG, Germany’s largest scientific funding agency p.911-914
PDF analysis: The law is not enough: The publication of the Helsinki report on the situation of women in European academia shows that more than legal hurdles have to be overcome on the way to equal representation / Gerlind Wallon p.915-918
PDF Movies for teaching science: The first public database of scientific films and images for educational use went online this year / Holger Breithaupt p.918-920
PDF Sex matters: In sickness and in health, men and women are clearly different / Vicki Brower p.921-923
PDF book reviews: Should we fear the future? / Suresh I.S. Rattan p.924-925
PDF Lucky experiment / Andrzej Stasiak p.925-926
PDF reviews: meeting reports: Viruses in control of the immune system: Workshop on molecular mechanisms of immune modulation: lessons from viruses / Antonio Alcami, Peter Ghazal, and Jonathan W. Yewdell p.927-932
PDF Building limb buds: Workshop on limb development / Miguel Torres, Juan-Pablo Couso, and Maria A. Ros p.933-937
PDF concept: ABC transporters: one, two or four extracytoplasmic substrate-binding sites? / Tiemen van der Heide and Bert Poolman p.938-943
PDF reviews: Structural organization of the endoplasmic reticulum / Gia K. Voeltz, Melissa M. Rolls, and Tom A. Rapoport p.944-950
PDF scientific reports: Depletion of MOM1 in non-dividing cells of Arabidopsis plants releases transcriptional gene silencing / Muhammad Tariq, Yoshiki Habu, and Jerzy Paszkowski p.951-955
PDF Tailoring the activity of restriction endonuclease PleI by PNA-induced DNA looping / Ekaterina Protozanova, Vadim V. Demidov, Viatcheslav Soldatenkov, Sergey Chasovskikh, and Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii p.956-961
PDF A CaMK cascade activates CRE-mediated transcription in neurons of Caenorhabditis elegans / Yoshishige Kimura, Ethan E. Corcoran, Koh Eto, Keiko Gengyo-Ando, Masa-aki Muramatsu, Ryoji Kobayashi, Jonathan H. Freedman, Shohei Mitani, Masatoshi Hagiwara, Anthony R. Means, and Hiroshi Tokumitsu p.962-966
PDF Serine phosphorylation of RUNX2 with novel potential functions as negative regulatory mechanisms / Hee-Jun Wee, Gang Huang, Katsuya Shigesada, and Yoshiaki Ito p.967-974
PDF Coordinated methyl and RNA binding is required for heterochromatin localization of mammalian HP1α / Christian Muchardt, Marie Guilleme, Jacob-S. Seeler, Didier Trouche, Anne Dejean, and Moshe Yaniv p.975-981
PDF Composition of the central stalk of the Na+-pumping V-ATPase from Caloramator fervidus / Yuriy Chaban, Trees Ubbink-Kok, Wilko Keegstra, Juke S. Lolkema, and Egbert J. Boekema p.982-987
PDF The FKBP12-rapamycin-associated protein (FRAP) is a CLIP-170 kinase / Jae H. Choi, Paula G. Bertram, Ryan Drenan, John Carvalho, Heather H. Zhou, and X.F. Steven Zheng p.988-994
PDF The nuclear protein HMGB1 is secreted by monocytes via a non-classical, vesicle-mediated secretory pathway / Stefania Gardella, Cristina Andrei, Denise Ferrera, Lavinia V. Lotti, Maria R. Torrisi, Marco E. Bianchi, and Anna Rubartelli p.995-1001
創刊・終刊 : Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 2000) -
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European Molecular Biology Organization reports

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European Molecular Biology Organization

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