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Solid state communications 目次あり PDF

New York : Pergamon Press, c1963-


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1 電子化情報 1997-2001 101-120  
2 図書館 1997-2001 101-120  

Vol.120 No.12 2001年11月30日

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1 電子化情報 4004552 2001/12/03 0
PDF Central peak of partially deuterated hydrogen-bonded ferroelectrics / Wesselinowa J.M. p.475-478
PDF Optical response of a YBCO light modulating device driven by a critical amount of current / Cottrell W.J., Ference T.G., Puzey K.A. p.479-482
PDF Field transformation approach to photonic band structure calculations / Gu G.-Q., Hui P.M., Xu C., Woo W.C. p.483-486
PDF Temperature and magnetic field dependence of superconductivity in nanoscopic metallic grains / Bozat O., Gedik Z. p.487-490
PDF Luminescence of defect centers in yttrium-aluminum garnet crystals / Ashurov M.K., Rakov A.F., Erzin R.A. p.491-494
PDF The effects of Cu doping on the magnetoresistive behavior of perovskites La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 / Yuan C.L., Zhu Y., Ong P.P. p.495-499
PDF Influence of holmium doping on the optical properties of quaternary InGaAsP epitaxial layers / Lee Y.C., Shu H.T., Shen J.L., Liao K.F., Uen W.Y. p.501-504
PDF Enhancement of positive temperature coefficient resistance effect of BaTiO3-based semiconducting ceramics caused by B2O3 vapor dopants / Jianquan Q., Qing Z., Yongli W., Yajing W., Longtu L. p.505-508
PDF Optical properties of InGaN/GaN double quantum wells with varying well thickness / Ryu M.-Y., Shim G.G., Yu P.W., Oh E., Sone C., Nam O., Park Y. p.509-514
PDF The p-T phase diagram of KNbO3 by a dielectric constant measurement / Kobayashi Y., Endo S., Deguchi K., Ming L.C., Zou G. p.515-517
PDF Creeping instability in YBCO ceramics under non-isothermal superconducting transition / Bodi A.C., Laiho R., Lahderanta E. p.519-524
PDF Thermal conductivity of hydrogenated amorphous silicon / Attaf N., Aida M.S., Hadjeris L. p.525-530
PDF Index volume title page p.I-II
PDF Contents list p.III-VIII
PDF Author Index p.IX-XIV

Vol.120 No.11 2001年11月9日

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1 電子化情報 4004537 2001/11/16 0
PDF Anomalous optical absorption in Cu2O in the presence of an excitonic Bose condensate / Merizzi A., Masse M., Fortin E. p.419-422
PDF Coexistence of excitonic lasing with electron-hole plasma spontaneous emission in one-dimensional semiconductor structures / Rubio J., Pfeiffer L., Szymanska M.H., Pinczuk A., He S., Baranger H.U., Littlewood P.B., West K.W., Dennis B.S. p.423-427
PDF Disorder and the optical properties of amorphous silicon grown by molecular beam epitaxy / Fogal B.J., O'Leary S.K., Lockwood D.J., Baribeau J.-M., Noel M., Zwinkels J.C. p.429-434
PDF A new passivation method for porous silicon / Fan Y., Ju J., Zhang W., Xia Y., Wang Z., Fang Z., Wang L. p.435-437
PDF Magnetic and electric properties of vanadium doped ZnO films / Saeki H., Tabata H., Kawai T. p.439-443
PDF Structural effect on electronic sputtering of hydrogenated amorphous carbon films / Ghosh S., Ingale A., Som T., Kabiraj D., Tripathi A., Mishra S., Zhang S., Hong X., Avasthi D.K. p.445-450
PDF Mossbauer studies on MnGaxFe2-xO4 / Mahmoud M.H., Hamdeh H.H., Ho J.C., Abdalla A.M., Abdel-Mageed A.I. p.451-453
PDF Cathodoluminescence of undoped β-Ga2O3 single crystals / Vllora E.G., Atou T., Sekiguchi T., Sugawara T., Kikuchi M., Fukuda T. p.455-458
PDF Influence of Ga+ ion irradiation on magnetoresistance and exchange bias of IrMn/CoFe/Cu/CoFe/NiFe spin valve / Guo Z.B., You D., Qiu J.J., Li K.B., Wu Y.H. p.459-462
PDF Cyclotron resonance at fractional Landau-level fillings / Manger M.F., Batke E., Wegscheider W. p.463-467
PDF Magnetotransport correlations in Pr- and La-based manganites / Monteiro R.G., Ravindranath V., Ramachandra Rao M.S. p.469-474

Vol.120 No.9-Vol.120 No.10 2001年11月2日

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4004501 2001/10/26 0
PDF Structure and optical properties of carbon nitride films deposited by magnetron sputtering / Lejeune M., Durand-Drouhin O., Zellama K., Benlahsen M. p.337-342
PDF Strain dependence and deformation potential of the E1 and E1+Δ1 transitions of ZnTe grown on a GaAs (001) substrate / Bahng J.H., Jang M.S., Lee M., Choi J.C., Park H.L., Kim K.J., Lee C. p.343-346
PDF Microscopic phase separation in the overdoped region of high-Tc cuprate superconductors / Uemura Y.J. p.347-351
PDF Nonadiabatic quantum pumping in mesoscopic nanostructures / Tang C.S., Chu C.S. p.353-357
PDF Anomalous post-annealing effects on magnetic and electrical properties of La0.8Ca0.2MnO3 / Hong C.S., Kim W.S., Hur N.H. p.359-362
PDF Ruthenium doping of the layered charge ordered manganites, La0.5Sr1.5MnO4 and LaSr2Mn2O7 / Ganguly R., Martin C., Maignan A., Hervieu M., Raveau B. p.363-368
PDF Theoretical investigation of the pressure induced cubic-diamond-β-tin phase transition in the Si0.5Ge0.5 / da Silva C.R.S., Venezuela P., da Silva A.J.R., Fazzio A. p.369-373
PDF "CeIrGaH""y system: hydrogen induced structural and valence change" / Raj P., Sathyamoorthy A., Shashikala K., Venkateswara Rao C.R., Malik S.K. p.375-378
PDF Temperature dependence on the response of inversion layer with zirconium titanate as oxide in MOS configuration / Victor P., Bharadwaja S.S.N., Nagaraju J., Krupanidhi S.B. p.379-382
PDF Possible thermosensor on S-N-S weak link with N as heavy fermion metal / Kulic M.L. p.383-385
PDF Free electron effects on the cavity polariton linewidth in an AlAs/AlGaAs microcavity containing a two-dimensional electron gas / Rapaport R., Qarry A., Ramon G., Cohen E., Ron A., Pfeiffer L.N. p.387-391
PDF Semiconductor-metal transition in a quasi two-dimensional system / John Peter A., Navaneethakrishnan K. p.393-396
PDF Non-critical phase matching of GdxY1-xCa4O(BO3)3(GdxY1-xCOB) crystal / Wang Z., Xu X., Fu K., Song R., Wang J., Wei J., Liu Y., Shao Z. p.397-400
PDF Impurity induced effect for the paraelectric to ferroelectric transition in a NaNO2-KNO3 mixture observed by 23Na NMR / Jung J.K., Seo Y.M., Song S.K., Choh S.H. p.401-405
PDF X-ray photoemission spectra and electronic structure of GdCo4B / Kowalczyk A., Chelkowska G., Szajek A. p.407-411
PDF Pressure effect on phonon modes in gallium nitride: a molecular dynamics study / Aouas M.R., Sekkal W., Zaoui A. p.413-418

Vol.120 No.7-Vol.120 No.8 2001年10月16日

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1 電子化情報 4004491 2001/10/18 0
PDF Theory of propagation and scattering of exciton-polaritons in quantum wells / Kavokin A.V., Malpuech G., Langbein W. p.259-263
PDF Neutron spectroscopic evidence of a low-temperature phase transition in C15-type ZrCr2Hx (x=0.2 and 0.45) / Skripov A.V., Natter H., Hempelmann R. p.265-268
PDF Formation and properties of the nanoparticles based on salt-derivatived C60 / Shi Z., Li Y., Wang S., Du C., Xiao S., Fang H., Zhou Y., Zhu D. p.269-272
PDF Valence transition in ordered perovskites Ba2PrRu1-xIrxO6 / Wakeshima M., Izumiyama Y., Doi Y., Hinatsu Y. p.273-278
PDF Accelerated dynamics simulations of interstitial-cluster growth / Birner S., Kim J., Richie D.A., Wilkins J.W., Voter A.F., Lenosky T. p.279-282
PDF Magnetotransport properties of SrFeO2.95 perovskite / Zhao Y.M., Zhou P.F., Yang X.J., Qiu G.M., Ping L. p.283-287
PDF The observation of oscillatory behaviour in swift heavy ion irradiated quasicrystals / Chatterjee R., Kanjilal A., Dunlop A., Tiwari U., Ramillon J.M. p.289-293
PDF High temperature 31P NMR study on Mg2+ ion conductors / Kawamura J., Morota K., Kuwata N., Nakamura Y., Maekawa H., Hattori T., Imanaka N., Okazaki Y., Adachi G.-y. p.295-298
PDF Structural and optical properties of Mn2+ and Li+ codoped ZnGa2O3.95M0.05 (M=S, Se, and Te) phosphors / Kim J.S., Kang H.I., Lee S.B., Sue S.H., Choi J.C., Lee M., Bahng J.H., Park H.L., Kim G.C., Kim T.W., Whang Y.H., Mho S.I. p.299-302
PDF Thermal relaxation in charge ordered Pr0.63Ca0.37MnO3 in the presence of a magnetic field / Raychaudhuri A.K., Guha A., Das I., Rawat R., Rao C.N.R. p.303-306
PDF Nearly zero temperature coefficient of resistivity in antiperovskite compound CuNMn3 / Chi E.O., Kim W.S., Hur N.H. p.307-310
PDF Optical properties of Zn1-xMnxSe (x≦0.78) epilayers / Hung W.K., Chern M.Y., Chen Y.F., Chou W.C., Yang C.S., Cheng C.C., Shen J.L. p.311-315
PDF Dynamics of the low temperature inhomogeneous phase in manganese perovskites / Castellano C., Cordero F., Cantelli R., Ferretti M., Sarma D.D. p.317-320
PDF Growth and piezoelectric properties of Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 crystals by the modified Bridgman technique / Xu G., Luo H., Guo Y., Gao Y., Xu H., Qi Z., Zhong W., Yin Z. p.321-324
PDF Spectral density approach to the double exchange model / Gangadhar Reddy G., Ramakanth A., Ghatak S.K. p.325-329
PDF Ranges of applicability for the continuum beam model in the mechanics of carbon nanotubes and nanorods / Harik V.M. p.331-335
PDF Author Index for 120/1-8 p.I-IV

Vol.120 No.5-Vol.120 No.6 2001年10月8日

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4004474 2001/10/16 0
PDF Spin polarized tunneling through diluted magnetic semiconductor barriers / Chang K., Peeters F.M. p.181-184
PDF Phase separation and its effect on transport properties in La0.5Ca0.5-xBaxMnO3 (0<x<0.5) system / Jiang Y., Yuan S.L. p.185-189
PDF Temperature induced itinerant electron metamagnetism in ErCo3 and HoCo3: influence of an external field and pressure / Gratz E., Markosyan A.S., Gaidukova I.Y., Rodimin V.E., Berger S., Bauer E., Michor H. p.191-194
PDF Nonlinear absorption in semiconductor quantum dots / Sen P., Andrews J.T. p.195-200
PDF Study of grain boundary characteristics of proton irradiated textured polycrystalline Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x and Bi1.84Pb0.34Sr1.91Ca2.03Cu3.06O10+x superconductors / Sen P., Bandyopadhyay S.K., Barat P., Mukherjee P. p.201-204
PDF Second order tetragonal-to-cubic phase transition in Sr0.5Ba0.5HfO3 / Alonso R.E., Horowitz C., Lopez Garca A., Lamas D.G., Caneiro A. p.205-210
PDF Up-converting Yb3+-Er3+ co-doped amorphous fluoride thin films prepared by pulsed-laser deposition for visible light source / Qin G., Qin W., Huang S., Wu C., Chen B., Lu S., Shulin E. p.211-214
PDF Calculation of superconducting transition temperature of MgB2 / Rajagopalan M., Selvamani P., Vaitheeswaran G., Kanchana V., Sundareswari M. p.215-216
PDF Thermoelectric behaviour of (Bi0.5Sb0.5)2Te3 semiconducting alloy thin films / Damodara Das V., Chandra Mallik R. p.217-220
PDF Observation of Two Independent Energy Transfer Mechanisms in BaAl12O19: Ce3+0.06+Eu2+x phosphor / Jeon H.S., Kim S.K., Park H.L., Kim G.C., Bang J.H., Lee M. p.221-225
PDF Magnetic, transport, and thermal properties of ternary intermetallic compound Nd2PtSi3 / Li D.X., Nimori S., Shiokawa Y., Haga Y., Yamamoto E., Onuki Y. p.227-232
PDF Torsion- and spin-density-functional theory for non-collinear magnetic systems / Luo S.J., Yao K.L. p.233-236
PDF High pressure-high temperature investigation of the stability of nitride spinels in the systems Si3N4-Ge3N4 / Soignard E., Somayazulu M., Mao H.-K., Dong J., Sankey O.F., McMillan P.F. p.237-242
PDF Effect of the hydrogen bonding and content on the opto-electronic properties of radiofrequency magnetron sputtered hydrogenated amorphous silicon films / Daouahi M., Ben Othmane A., Zellama K., Zeinert A., Essamet M., Bouchriha H. p.243-248
PDF Low temperature thermal properties of vitreous silica and plastically deformed pure aluminium / Sahling S., Abens S. p.249-254
PDF Effects of light-irradiation on spin-glass state and magnetoresistive properties of Zn0.5Co0.5Fe2O4 spinel ferrite films / Muraoka Y., Tabata H., Kawai T. p.255-258
創刊・終刊 : Vol. 1, no. 1 (June 1963)-
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Solid state commun

Journal of physics and chemistry of solids

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Supplement to: Journal of physics and chemistry of solids

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