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Performance evaluation 目次あり PDF

Amsterdam : North-Holland, 1981-


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1 電子化情報 1996-2002 27-50  
2 電子ジャーナル Science Direct -2007  

Vol.50 No.4 2002年12月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4005070 2002/11/01 0
PDF IFC-Editorial Board p.CO2
PDF Access control of parallel multiserver loss queues / Ku C.-Y., Jordan S. p.219-231
PDF A vacation model for the non-saturated Readers and Writers system with a threshold policy / Xu E., Alfa A.S. p.233-244
PDF Minimisation of the update response time in a distributed database system / Maalouf H.W., Gurcan M.K. p.245-266
PDF Author Index Volume 50 p.267
PDF Subject Index Volume 50 p.269
PDF Author Index Volumes 41-50 p.271-280
PDF Subject Index Volumes 41-50 p.281-291

Vol.50 No.2-Vol.50 No.3 2002年11月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4005032 2002/10/11 0
PDF IFC - Editorial Board p.CO2
PDF Unified specification and performance evaluation using stochastic process algebras / Gorrieri R., Herzog U., Hillston J. p.79-82
PDF Performance modelling of hierarchical cellular networks using PEPA / Fourneau J.M., Kloul L., Valois F. p.83-99
PDF Modeling and performance analysis of resource allocation strategies for real-time services in UMTS using TIPPtool / Babich F., Deotto L. p.101-128
PDF Product form solution for an insensitive stochastic process algebra structure / Clark G., Hillston J. p.129-151
PDF Integrating TwoTowers and GreatSPN through a compact net semantics / Bernardo M., Busi N., Ribaudo M. p.153-187
PDF Performance evaluation with temporal rewards / Voeten J.P.M. p.189-218

Vol.50 No.1 2002年10月

Vol.49 No.1-Vol.49 No.4 2002年9月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4004979 2002/09/10 0
PDF IFC-Editorial Board p.CO2
PDF Editorial p.v-vi
PDF General Chair's message p.vii-viii
PDF Comparison of inter-area rekeying algorithms for secure wireless group communications / Zhang C., DeCleene B., Kurose J., Towsley D. p.1-20
PDF A comparative performance analysis of reliable group rekey transport protocols for secure multicast / Setia S., Zhu S., Jajodia S. p.21-41
PDF Analysis of two competing TCP/IP connections / Altman E., Jimenez T., Nunez-Queija R. p.43-55
PDF A closed form formula for long-lived TCP connections throughput / Chaintreau A., De Vleeschauwer D. p.57-76
PDF A mean-field model for multiple TCP connections through a buffer implementing RED / Baccelli F., McDonald D.R., Reynier J. p.77-97
PDF Response times in a two-node queueing network with feedback / van der Mei R.D., Gijsen B.M.M., in't Veld N., van den Berg J.L. p.99-110
PDF A case study of Web server benchmarking using parallel WAN emulation / Williamson C., Simmonds R., Arlitt M. p.111-127
PDF Continuous-time hidden Markov models for network performance evaluation / Wei W., Wang B., Towsley D. p.129-146
PDF Capturing the spatio-temporal behavior of real traffic data / Wang M., Ailamaki A., Faloutsos C. p.147-163
PDF Direct measurement vs. indirect inference for determining network-internal delays / Anagnostakis K.G., Greenwald M.B. p.165-177
PDF G-networks with resets / Gelenbe E., Fourneau J.-M. p.179-191
PDF Insensitivity in processor-sharing networks / Bonald T., Proutiere A. p.193-209
PDF An iterative bounding method for stochastic automata networks / Buchholz P. p.211-226
PDF The combined gated-exhaustive vacation system in discrete time / Fiems D., De Vuyst S., Bruneel H. p.227-239
PDF Asymptotic convergence of scheduling policies with respect to slowdown / Harchol-Balter M., Sigman K., Wierman A. p.241-256
PDF Non-cooperative routing in loss networks / Altman E., Azouzi R.E., Abramov V. p.257-272
PDF Asymptotic shape of the Erlang capacity region of a multi-service shared resource / Morrison J.A., Mitra D. p.273-281
PDF Shared cache architectures for decision support systems / Dubois M., Jeong J., Nanda A. p.283-298
PDF Forwarders vs. centralized server: an evaluation of two approaches for locating mobile agents / Alouf S., Huet F., Nain P. p.299-319
PDF Output models of MAP/PH/1(/K) queues for an efficient network decomposition / Heindl A., Telek M. p.321-339
PDF Second-order stochastic fluid models with fluid-dependent flow rates / Chen D., Hong Y., Trivedi K.S. p.341-358
PDF An MAP-based Poisson cluster model for Web traffic / Latouche G., Remiche M.-A. p.359-370
PDF Solving dimensioning tasks for proportionally fair networks carrying elastic traffic / Nilsson P., Pioro M. p.371-386
PDF Delimiting the range of effectiveness of scalable on-demand streaming / Tan H., Eager D.L., Vernon M.K. p.387-410
PDF Open-loop video distribution with support of VCR functionality / Biersack E.W., Jean-Marie A., Nain P. p.411-427
PDF Multi-path continuous media streaming: what are the benefits? / Golubchik L., Lui J.C.S., Tung T.F., Chow A.L.H., Lee W.-J., Franceschinis G., Anglano C. p.429-449
PDF Flow level performance analysis of a multi-service system supporting elastic and adaptive services / Racz S., Gero B.P., Fodor G. p.451-469
PDF Service differentiation for delay-sensitive applications: an optimisation-based approach / Key P., Massoulie L., Shapiro J.K. p.471-489
PDF Worst case burstiness increase due to FIFO multiplexing / Cholvi V., Echague J., Le Boudec J.-Y. p.491-506
PDF User-level performance of elastic traffic in a differentiated-services environment / Borst S.C., Nunez-Queija R., van Uitert M.J.G. p.507-519
PDF Author Index p.521-522
PDF Subject Index p.523-524

Vol.48 No.1-Vol.48 No.4 2002年5月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4004774 2002/04/18 0
PDF Performance modelling and evaluation of ATM&IP networks / Kouvatsos D. p.1-3
PDF Procedures and tools for analysis of network traffic measurements / Courcoubetis C., Siris V.A. p.5-23
PDF Source rate encoding mechanisms for binary congestion control / Almeida A., Belo C. p.25-46
PDF Transient analysis of packet discarding policies in ATM networks with correlated arrivals / Mitchell K., van de Liefvoort A. p.47-66
PDF Packet-level traffic control for the Internet: a framework and its experimental validation / Vayias E., Soldatos J., Mitrou N. p.67-85
PDF Performance bounds for rate envelope multiplexing / Heszberger Z., Zatonyi J., Bro J.J. p.87-101
PDF Mean value and tail distribution of the message delay in statistical multiplexers with correlated train arrivals / De Vuyst S., Wittevrongel S., Bruneel H. p.103-129
PDF Performance evaluation framework for IP resource reservation signalling / Feher G., Nemeth K., Cselenyi I. p.131-156
PDF Effective bandwidth estimation and testing for Markov sources / Pechiar J., Perera G., Simon M. p.157-175
PDF Connection-dependent threshold model: a generalization of the Erlang multiple rate loss model / Moscholios I.D., Logothetis M.D., Kokkinakis G.K. p.177-200
PDF On open shortest path first related network optimisation problems / Pioro M., Szentesi A., Harmatos J., Juttner A., Gajowniczek P., Kozdrowski S. p.201-223
PDF Adaptive statistical algorithms in network reliability analysis / Levendovszky J., Jereb L., Elek Z., Vesztergombi G. p.225-236
PDF Efficient parallel simulation of a sliding window protocol / McGough A.S., Mitrani I. p.237-246
PDF Point-to-group blocking in the switching networks with unicast and multicast switching / Stasiak M., Zwierzykowski P. p.247-265
PDF LRD and SRD traffic: review of results and open issues for the batch renewal process / Fretwell R., Kouvatsos D., Performance Modelling and Engineering Research Group p.267-284
PDF Performance of GSM networks with general packet radio services / Ermel M., Muller T., Schuler J., Schweigel M., Begain K. p.285-310
PDF Announcement p.311
PDF Author Index Volume 48 p.313-314
PDF Subject Index Volume 48 p.315
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