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Neural networks : the official journal of the International Neural Network Society 目次あり PDF

New York : Pergamon Press, c1988-


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1 電子化情報 1995-1997 8-10  
2 電子ジャーナル Science Direct -2007  

Vol.10 No.9 1997年12月

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1 電子化情報 4001644 1998/02/05 0
PDF Einsteinian Neural Network for Spectrum Estimation / Perlovsky L.I., Plum C.P., Franchi P.R., Tichovolsky E.J., Choi D., Weijers B. p.1541-1546
PDF Modelling the Perceptual Segregation of Double Vowels with a Network of Neural Oscillators / Brown G.J., DeLiang W. p.1547-1558
PDF Simulation Studies of the CA3 Hippocampal Subfield Modelled as an Attractor Neural Network / Rolls E.T., Treves A., Foster D., Perez-Vicente C. p.1559-1569
PDF The Population Vector, an Unbiased Estimator for Non-Uniformly Distributed Neural Maps / Glasius R., Komoda A., Gielen S.C.A.M. p.1571-1582
PDF Cortical Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Surface Perception: Binocular and Half-Occluded Scenic Images / Grossberg S., McLoughlin N.P. p.1583-1605
PDF An Extended Exploratory Projection Pursuit Network with Linear and Nonlinear Anti-Hebbian Lateral Connections Applied to the Cocktail Party Problem / Girolami M., Fyfe C. p.1607-1618
PDF Artificial Memories: Capacity, Basis Rate and Inference / Whittle P. p.1619-1626
PDF Associative Memory with a Sparse Encoding Mechanism for Storing Correlated Patterns / Hirahara M., Oka N., Kindo T. p.1627-1636
PDF Matching Performance of Binary Correlation Matrix Memories / Turner M., Austin J. p.1637-1648
PDF Learning of Associative Memory Networks Based upon Cone-Like Domains of Attraction / Niijima K. p.1649-1658
PDF Networks of Spiking Neurons: The Third Generation of Neural Network Models / Maass W. p.1659-1671
PDF Global Bifurcation Structure of Chaotic Neural Networks and its Application to Traveling Salesman Problems / Tokuda I., Nagashima T., Aihara K. p.1673-1690
PDF Neurocontroller Using Dynamic State Feedback for Compensatory Control / Szepesvari C., Cimmer S., Lorincz A. p.1691-1708
PDF pRAM Layout Optimisation / Apolloni B., de Falco D., Taylor J.G. p.1709-1716
PDF An Improved Time Series Prediction by Applying the Layer-by-Layer Learning Method to FIR Neural Networks / Yu H.-Y., Bang S.-Y. p.1717-1729
PDF Response to the Letter by Li and Cao / Marinaro M., Rampone S., Tagliaferri R. p.1731-1732
PDF Image and Brain: The Resolution of the Imagery Debate / Beach J., Brown V. p.1733-1735
PDF The Human Semantic Potential: Spatial Language and Constrained Connectionism / Harris C.L. p.1736-1737
PDF Semiotic Modeling and Situational Analysis: An Introduction / Perlovsky L.I. p.1737-1739
PDF Fuzzy and Neural Approaches in Engineering / Milenova B. p.1740-1741

Vol.10 No.8 1997年11月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4001608 1998/02/05 0
PDF Stability Analysis of Learning Algorithms for Blind Source Separation / Amari S.-i., Chen T.-p., Cichocki A. p.1345-1351
PDF Chaos in Neural Networks Composed of Coincidence Detector Neurons / Watanabe M., Aihara K. p.1353-1359
PDF Efficient Partition of Learning Data Sets for Neural Network Training / Tetko I.V., Villa A.E.P. p.1361-1374
PDF Role of Itinerancy Among Attractors as Dynamical Map in Distributed Coding Scheme / Hoshino O., Usuba N., Kashimori Y., Kambara T. p.1375-1390
PDF An Extension of the Back-Propagation Algorithm to Complex Numbers / Nitta T. p.1391-1415
PDF Estimates of Storage Capacity of Multilayer Perceptron with Threshold Logic Hidden Units / Kowalczyk A. p.1417-1433
PDF Three Methods to Speed up the Training of Feedforward and Feedback Perceptrons / Stager F., Agarwal M. p.1435-1443
PDF Neural Network Smoothing in Correlated Time Series Context / Badran F., Thiria S. p.1445-1453
PDF Some numerical aspects of the training problem for feed-forward neural nets / J. McKeown, J., Stella F., Hall G. p.1455-1463
PDF Characteristic Functions and Process Identification by Neural Networks / Dente J.A., Vilela Mendes R. p.1465-1471
PDF Distributed Learning, Recognition, and Prediction by ART and ARTMAP Neural Networks / Carpenter G.A. p.1473-1494
PDF An Efficient Method to Construct a Radial Basis Function Neural Network Classifier / Hwang Y.-S., Bang S.-Y. p.1495-1503
PDF Effects of Learning Parameters on Learning Procedure and Performance of a BPNN / Dai H., MacBeth C. p.1505-1521
PDF A Neural Approach to the Underdetermined-Order Recursive Least-Squares Adaptive Filtering / Baykal B., Constantinides A.G. p.1523-1531
PDF Proving Hardness of Neural Network Training Problems / Schmitt M. p.1533-1534
PDF Author's Response p.1534
PDF Current Events p.1535-1539

Vol.10 No.7 1997年10月

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1 電子化情報 4001968 1998/05/08 0
PDF Introduction / Taylor J.G., Freeman W.J. p.1173
PDF Three Centuries of Category Errors in Studies of the Neural Basis of Consciousness and Intentionality / Freeman W.J. p.1175-1183
PDF Non-Invasive Analysis of Awareness / Taylor J.G., Mueller-Gaertner H.-W. p.1185-1194
PDF A Neural Global Workspace Model for Conscious Attention / Newman J., Baars B.J., Cho S.-B. p.1195-1206
PDF Neural networks for consciousness / Taylor J.G. p.1207-1225
PDF Consciousness in Neural Networks? / Rolls E.T. p.1227-1240
PDF From Brains to Neural Nets to Brains / Harth E. p.1241-1255
PDF The Transition from Automatic to Controlled Processing / Gray J.A., Buhusi C.V., Schmajuk N. p.1257-1268
PDF Plato's theory of ideas revisited / Pelaez J.R. p.1269-1288
PDF Metastable associative network models of dream sleep / Nakao M., Honda I., Musila M., Yamamoto M. p.1289-1302
PDF Consciousness and neural cognizers: a review of some recent approaches / Browne C., Evans R., Sales N., Aleksander I. p.1303-1316
PDF Learning, action and consciousness: a hybrid approach toward modelling consciousness / Sun R. p.1317-1331
PDF Consciousness in a Self-Learning, Memory-Controlled, Compound Machine / Brown R.A. p.1333-1343

Vol.10 No.6 1997年8月

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1 電子化情報 4001490 1997/11/13 0
PDF Neural Network Model of Spatial Memory: Associative Recall of Maps / Fukushima K., Yamaguchi Y., Okada M. p.971-979
PDF Task-Dependent Learning of Attention / van de Laar P., Heskes T., Gielen S. p.981-992
PDF SCAN: A Scalable Model of Attentional Selection / Postma E.O., van den Herik H.J., Hudson P.T.W. p.993-1015
PDF Convergence-Zone Episodic Memory: Analysis and Simulations / Moll M., Miikkulainen R. p.1017-1036
PDF Receptive Field Map Development by Anti-Hebbian Learning / Andrade M.A., Moran F. p.1037-1052
PDF Regularization with a Pruning Prior / Goutte C., Hansen L.K. p.1053-1059
PDF Estimates of the Number of Hidden Units and Variation with Respect to Half-Spaces / Kurkova V., Kainen P.C., Kreinovich V. p.1061-1068
PDF Approximations of Functions by a Multilayer Perceptron: a New Approach / Attali J., Pages G. p.1069-1081
PDF Learning Vector Quantization with Training Count (LVQTC) / Odorico R. p.1083-1088
PDF Estimating Learning Curves of Concept Learning / Hanzhong G., Takahashi H. p.1089-1102
PDF A Continuous-Time Asynchronous Boltzmann Machine / Yamanaka K., Agu M., Miyajima T. p.1103-1107
PDF The Stability of the Generalized Hopfield Networks in Randomly Asynchronous Mode / Ma J. p.1109-1116
PDF Associative List Memory / Gough M.P. p.1117-1131
PDF Network Synthesis through Data-Driven Growth and Decay / Chuanyi J., Psaltis D. p.1133-1141
PDF Genetically Trained Cellular Neural Networks / Zamparelli M. p.1143-1151
PDF Common Optimization of Adaptive Preprocessing Units and a Neural Network during the Learning Period. Application in EEG Pattern Recognition / Galicki M., Witte H., Dorschel J., Eiselt M., Griessbach G. p.1153-1163
PDF Erratum / Van Hulle M.M. p.1165-1166

Vol.10 No.5 1997年7月

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1 電子化情報 4001376 1997/09/16 0
PDF Uniform Approximation and Gamma Networks / Sandberg I.W., Xu L. p.781-784
PDF A New Approach to the Analysis of Multidimensional Neuronal Activity: Markov Random Fields / Makarenko V.I., Welsh J.P., Lang E.J., Llinas R. p.785-789
PDF A Cortical-type Modular Neural Network for Hypothetical Reasoning / Koerner E., Tsujino H., Masutani T. p.791-814
PDF The Local Structure of Space-variant Images / Fischl B., Cohen M.A., Schwartz E.L. p.815-831
PDF Eigenspace Separation of Autocorrelation Memory Matrices for Capacity Expansion / Kakeya H., Kindo T. p.833-843
PDF Informational Capacity and Recall Quality in Sparsely Encoded Hopfield-like Neural Network: Analytical Approaches and Computer Simulation / Frolov A.A., Husek D., Muraviev I.P. p.845-855
PDF Discovering Neural Nets with Low Kolmogorov Complexity and High Generalization Capability / Schmidhuber J. p.857-873
PDF Analysing a Self-organising Algorithm / Flanagan J.A. p.875-883
PDF Investigation of the CasCor Family of Learning Algorithms / Prechelt L. p.885-896
PDF Performance Bounds for Single Layer Threshold Networks when Tracking a Drifting Adversary / Xiaodong T., Kuh A. p.897-906
PDF Training Dynamics and Neural Network Performance / Wilson C.L., Blue J.L., Omidvar O.M. p.907-923
PDF An Incremental Adaptive Network for On-line Supervised Learning and Probability Estimation / Chee P.L., Harrison R.F. p.925-939
PDF Chaotic Potts Spin Model for Combinatorial Optimization Problems / Ishii S., Sato M. p.941-963
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Neural netw

Neural networks

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International Neural Network Society

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