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Neuroscience research : the official journal of the Japan Neuroscience Society 目次あり PDF

Shannon : Elsevier Scientific Publishers Ireland, c1984-


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1 電子化情報 1994-1998 21-32  
2 図書館 1992-1998 15-32  
3 電子ジャーナル Science Direct  

Vol.32 No.4 1998年12月

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1 電子化情報 4002688 1999/03/19 0
PDF A di-synaptic projection from the superior colliculus to the head of the caudate nucleus via the centromedian-parafascicular complex in the cat: an anterograde and retrograde labeling study / Ichinohe N., Shoumura K. p.295-303
PDF Immunohistochemical localization of serotonin transporter in normal and colchicine treated rat brain / Yamamoto H., Fujimiya M., Shirai Y., Nakashita M., Oyasu M., Saito N. p.305-312
PDF Cloning and chromosomal mapping of the human gene of neuroglycan C (NGC), a neural transmembrane chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan with an EGF module / Yasuda Y., Tokita Y., Aono S., Matsui F., Ono T., Sonta S.-i., Watanabe E., Nakanishi Y., Oohira A. p.313-322
PDF NMDA receptor-mediated inspiratory off-switching in pneumotaxic-disconnected cats / Haji A., Okazaki M., Yamazaki H., Takeda R. p.323-331
PDF Comparison of the expression of two immediate early gene proteins, FosB and Fos in the rat preoptic area, hypothalamus and brainstem during pregnancy, parturition and lactation / Lin S.-H., Miyata S., Weng W., Matsunaga W., Ichikawa J., Furuya K., Nakashima T., Kiyohara T. p.333-341
PDF Postnatal changes in locomotor movements after labyrinthectomy in rats / Ito J., Nakajima K., Mori S. p.343-347
PDF Neonatal reversible focal cerebral ischemia: a new model / Derugin N., Ferriero D.M., Vexler Z.S. p.349-353
PDF High-field (3.0 T) functional MRI sequential epoch analysis: an example for motion control analysis / Nakada T., Fujii Y., Suzuki K., Kwee I.L. p.355-362
PDF Simultaneous optical imaging of intracellular Cl^- in neurons in different layers of rat neocortical slices: advantages and limitations / Fukuda A., Tanaka M., Yamada Y., Muramatsu K., Shimano Y., Nishino H. p.363-371
PDF Index p.373-375
PDF Index p.377-382

Vol.32 No.3 1998年11月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4002687 1999/03/19 0
PDF Kainic acid may enhance hippocampal NO generation of awake rats in a seizure stage-related fashion / Kashihara K., Sakai K., Marui K., Shohmori T. p.189-194
PDF Chronic cyclosporine-A injection in rats with damaged blood-brain barrier does not impair retention of passive avoidance / Borlongan C.V., Fujisaki T., Watanabe S. p.195-200
PDF Relationships between glutamate release, blood flow and spreading depression: real-time monitoring using an electroenzymatic dialysis electrode / Iijima T., Shimase C., Iwao Y., Sankawa H. p.201-207
PDF Very slow oscillatory activities in lateral geniculate neurons of freely moving and anesthetized rats / Albrecht D., Royl G., Kaneoke Y. p.209-220
PDF The expression and localization of serine proteinase inhibitor PI-6 mRNA in developmental and ischemic mouse brain / Nakaya N., Nishibori M., Wang Z., Sakiyama J., Saeki K. p.221-230
PDF "Nerve growth factor increases sensitivity to bradykinin, mediated through B""2 receptors, in capsaicin-sensitive small neurons cultured from rat dorsal root ganglia" / Kasai M., Kumazawa T., Mizumura K. p.231-239
PDF Direct projections from the entorhinal cortical layers to the dentate gyrus, hippocampus, and subicular complex in the cat / Ino T., Kaneko T., Mizuno N. p.241-265
PDF Cerebellar control of the cardiovascular responses during postural changes in conscious rabbits / Nisimaru N., Okahara K., Yanai S. p.267-271
PDF Responses in the motor cortex time-locked to the sensory stimuli conditioning target-reaching in the cat / Perfiliev S.N. p.273-279
PDF Two-photon laser-scanning microscopy: tests of objective lenses and Ca^2^+ probes / Kuba K., Nakayama S. p.281-294

Vol.32 No.2 1998年10月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4002476 1999/01/04 0
PDF Mild hypothermia-a revived countermeasure against ischemic neuronal damages / Kataoka K., Yanase H. p.103-117
PDF Bradykinin and muscle stretch alter contralateral cat neck muscle spindle output / Wenngren B.-I., Pedersen J., Sjolander P., Bergenheim M., Johansson H. p.119-129
PDF Upper airway motor outputs during sneezing and coughing in decerebrate cats / Satoh I., Shiba K., Kobayashi N., Nakajima Y., Konno A. p.131-135
PDF Neuronal degeneration and microglial reaction in the fetal and postnatal rat brain after transient maternal hypoxia / Li Y.-B., Kaur C., Ling E.-A. p.137-148
PDF Axonal regeneration with functional restoration in the vestibulospinal tract in young rats / Ito J., Kawaguchi S., Nakajima K., Mori S. p.149-156
PDF Adaptive modifications of post-saccadic smooth pursuit eye movements and their interaction with saccades and the vestibulo-ocular reflex in the primate / Nagao S., Kitazawa H. p.157-169
PDF Inhibitory effects of ascorbic acid on dopamine uptake by rat striatal synaptosomes: relationship to lipid peroxidation and oxidation of protein sulfhydryl groups / Morel P., Fauconneau B., Page G., Mirbeau T., Huguet F. p.171-179
PDF Food-taking in the cat investigated with transection of the rubro- and corticospinal tracts / Perfiliev S., Pettersson L.-G., Lundberg A. p.181-184
PDF Short-latency vergence eye movements elicited by looming step in monkeys / Inoue Y., Takemura A., Suehiro K., Kodaka Y., Kawano K. p.185-188

Vol.32 No.1 1998年9月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4002543 1999/01/20 0
PDF Synaptic PDZ domain-containing proteins / Hata Y., Nakanishi H., Takai Y. p.1-7
PDF Primitivism and plasticity of pain-implication of polymodal receptors / Kumazawa T. p.9-31
PDF Functional architecture in monkey inferotemporal cortex revealed by in vivo optical imaging / Wang G., Tanifuji M., Tanaka K. p.33-46
PDF Effects of ventrolateral medullary NMDA-receptor antagonism on biogenic amines and pressor response to muscle contraction / Asmundsson G., Mokler D.J., Ally A. p.47-56
PDF Histochemical study on the relation between NO-generative neurons and central circuitry for feeding in the pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis / Sadamoto H., Hatakeyama D., Kojima S., Fujito Y., Ito E. p.57-63
PDF Effects of movement predictability on cortical motor activation / Dassonville P., Lewis S., Zhu X.-H., Ugurbil K., Kim S.-G., Ashe J. p.65-74
PDF Immunocytochemical localization of calretinin containing neurons in retina from rabbit, cat, and dog / Jeon M.-H., Jeon C.-J. p.75-84
PDF GABAergic inhibition and modifications of taste responses in the cortical taste area in rats / Ogawa H., Hasegawa K., Otawa S., Ikeda I. p.85-95
PDF "Androgen-dependent modulation of calbindin-D""2""8""K in hypothalamic tissue during prenatal development" / Watson M.A., Taylor H., Lephart E.D. p.97-101

suppl.22 1998年9月

所在 請求記号 資料ID 受入日 製本状態 状況 予約人数
1 電子化情報 4002424 1998/11/20 0
2 図書館 1998/10/05
PDF Author Index. (Plenary Lecture, Symposium, and Mini-Symposium) p.S372-S388
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