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Engagement and Social Interaction in Multilingual Robot Agent Applications MPMeister

Kristiina Jokinen

生駒 : 奈良先端科学技術大学院大学, 2015.11

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1 MPMeister   Digital Library LA-I-R[Flash][Mobile] M013217 Regular 0
Contents Intro. : In this talk I will discuss engagement and interaction in social robotics, i.e. in the research area where the robot is meant to support human users in social, interactive tasks, and to serve as an intuitive interface to access and share information.In the first part of my talk I will discuss issues related to affordable multimodal interaction with robot agents, and in particular, present the Nao Wikitalk, an application that enables the user to query Wikipedia via the Nao robot. The robot uses gestures and nods. It supports multilingual interaction, and I will also briefly mention the robot's localisation and internationalisation to different cultural contexts.The second part of my talk reports on two studies related to human-robot interaction. The first one is a small study on how a humanoid robot is perceived in interaction, based on human eye-gaze behaviour. The second one is a user study on the users' expectations and experience with a robot application. The results support the view that human-robot interactions are regareded as social communication events, different from interactions with automated tools. However, humanoid robots are (still) regarded as robot agents, and not competent social communicators.
Publication year : 2015
Form : 電子化映像資料(1時間34分19秒)
Series title :

情報科学研究科・ゼミナール講演 ; 平成27年度

Note :

講演者所属: University of Helsinki

講演日: 平成27年11月25日

講演場所: 情報科学研究科大講義室L1

Country of publication : Japan
Title language : English (eng)
Language of texts : English (eng)
Author information :

Jokinen, Kristiina