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介護支援ロボットの抱き上げ動作生成 MPMeister

カイゴ シエン ロボット ノ ダキアゲ ドウサ セイセイ


生駒 : 奈良先端科学技術大学院大学, 2015.6

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1 MPMeister   Digital Library LA-I-R[Flash][Mobile] M012769 Regular 0
Contents Intro. : Nursing care is a very important job for helping person to regain health or achieve the quality of life. Many nursing-care assistant robot and device have been developed in recent years. In this presentation, I will introduce a nursing-care assistant robot (Robear) we developed when I worked in RIKEN. This robot was successful in lifting patient up and transferring him/her between bed and wheelchair using its two human-like arms. In order to lift up patients comfortably and automatically, I proposed a motion generation method by reducing patient's load and pain feeling during lifting-up. In this method, the contact force and muscle force can be estimated using a human-robot model. We also measured the stiffness of human body for reducing the pain feeling. The effectiveness of this method has also been verified in experiment. In this presentation, I will also introduce this method and show the experiment and the result.
Publication year : 2015
Form : 電子化映像資料(29分27秒)
Alternative title :

Lift-up Motion Generation for Nursing-Care Assistant Robot

Series title :

情報科学研究科・ゼミナール講演 ; 平成27年度

Note :

講演者所属: 奈良先端科学技術大学院大学 情報科学研究科ロボティクス研究室

講演日: 平成27年6月1日

講演場所: 情報科学研究科大講義室L1

Country of publication : Japan
Title language : Japanese (jpn)
Language of texts : Japanese (jpn)
Author information :

丁, 明 (ディン, ミン)