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A-tree : an index structure for high-dimensional spaces using ralative approximation PDF

Yasushi Sakurai, Masatoshi Yoshikawa, Shunsuke Uemura and Haruhiko Kojima

生駒 : 奈良先端科学技術大学院大学, 2000.12

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1 PDF   Digital Library TR R001977   0
Publication year : 2000
Form : 22p.
Series title :

Information Science Technical Report ; TR2000011

Country of publication : Japan
Title language : English (eng)
Language of texts : English (eng)
Author information :

櫻井, 保志 (サクライ, ヤスシ)

吉川, 正俊 (ヨシカワ, マサトシ)

植村, 俊亮 (ウエムラ, シュンスケ)

児島, 治彦 (コジマ, ハルヒコ)

ISSN : 09199527