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Library Services

※ Only for internal users
You can log into Library Portal on the top page of the library's website and apply for library services.
After login, you can view necessary information on the screen.
Library Services
Photocopy request If the materials you need are not available, the library can request a copy of the materials from the library of anoter university or institution.
The photocopying fee varies from library to library.
Photocopy request
Loan request If the materials you need are not at the NAIST Library, the library can request to borrow the materials from the library of another university or institution.
You must pay the cost of having the materials sent to NAIST and returned to the university or institution.
Bollowing materials from the Nara Prefectural Library and Information Center is free.
Order books for Lab use NAIST's faculty members may order books using NAIST's budget.
※ Faculty members only
Request books for the library All NAIST's faculty and students can request materials for students use.
Inform of Directly-ordered Books You can send a information of the directly-ordered books.
※ Faculty members only