Multimedia Lounge

Multimedia Lounge is available for a variety of purposes.
For example, reading magazines and newspapers, watching TV programs and movies or having a group meeting.
This room has twenty chairs, desks, sofas, a large screen, a LCD TV, Magazines, and Newspapers.
NAIST members can use 24 hours.
You can researve this room, it is inhibit to close the door or limit the entrance of others.
When you need VGA cable to use the projector, please ask the staff at the service counter. (9:00-12:00,13:00-17:00, except the closing days.)
Reservation Paper [PDF]

NAIST members can use individual booth in Multimedia Lounge 24 hours, without reservations. Please use it for online meeting, interviews and so on.

Television Broadcast: Land-based digital TV, BS, CS (Channels without contraction)
Movies (BD, DVD)
Connector: VGA, HDMI
Projector Connector: VGA, HDMI
TV program, Movies (BD, DVD)
Blu-ray Player BD, DVD, CD
Television (Portable) (it isn't connect the antenna.)Connector: VGA, HDMI