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Sticky Notes

1. About Sticky Notes
"Sticky Notes" enables users to stick notes to annotate or to make a memo on the slide movies and to bookmark for important scenes.
"Sticky Notes" can be used by clicking buttons on the control panel of Lecture Archive.

【 Features 】
- For students -
・Bookmark to go over important scenes for examinations.
・Make notes of teachers' words not mentioned on their slides.
・Stick notes on the slide for more information you find.

- For teacher and T.A. -
・Give students additional information after lecturing by sticking notes.
・Note more detail for confusable point of your lecture.
・T.A. can stick notes for students in place of their teachers.
・Teachers can also stick private notes for themselves.

Content for trial is here
*Required to Login to use Sticky Notes.

2. How to stick notes
Click this icon (beneath) on the control panel.

Click the position you want to note.

Write a comment and choose a color for Note's background.

The note appears on a lecture video.

3. List of notes
Click "List View" icon (beneath) on the control panel.

"List View" appears on the control panel

4. Others
+ Position of notes can be modifiable
+ Coment can be input up to 100 characters
Other icons are as follows:
   Display "List View"
  Show or hide notes
    Search words in Notes
5. Notes search site
  The site for managing and searching notes is available here.
6. Frequently asked questions
  Q. Can other users see my notes?
  A. Other users can not see your notes.
      You can only see your own notes and notes which lecturers stick as open notes to the public.
  Q. Can I save my notes?
  A. Notes are saved automatically.
      You can delete a note by clicking the delete button on that note, when you want.
  Q. Can I stick a note anytime?
  A. You have to login to the library web, before sticking a note.
  Q. Can I share my notes with other users or open my notes to the public?
  A. Lecturers can choose to stick private notes or public notes.
      Students can stick private notes only.
7. Contact
  If you have any questions, please ask us by the contact information below.
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