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How to watch the videos in NAIST Digital Library

This page explains the NAIST digitized movies which hold in the NAIST digital library. (ex. the Lecture archive (2004-2023), special lecture videos.) Clicking the Icons, you can watch the videos of NAIST Digital Library.

There are two types of Icons as follows.

Play icons
free video
free mobile video
Open to the public.
Anyone can watch videos by clicking Icons.
Padlock Icons PC
video for naist members
movile video for naist members
Internal users only.
Enter your MANDARA ID and PW, and click Icons.
Digitized materials for internal users only are available for NAIST members who have submitted the agreement form.

Following applications are required to watch the videos.
To download free players, click each icons.

free video
video for naist members

User a browser which supports MPEG-DASH for MSE/EME
Operation check performed on Edge, Chrome and Fire fox.
Edge is not covered performance guarantee
Internet explore is not support the contents.

mobile video for naist members
iOS: Safari
PC browser compatible HLS: Safari
※ Edge Internet is not support the contents.

Frequently asked questions about watching videos

Q1 Getting an error messsage that says, "You can not see this material".
These videos are only available for internal users.
Please login with your MANDARA ID and PW.
If you get the message although you have already logged into the library portal, please confirm if you have submitted the written pledge.
Even if you get the message though you have submitted the form, please contact to the Information and Digital Library Services Section via e-mail.
Q2 Cannot watch the HTML5 videos.
Update your browser to current. No application is needed for HTML5 videos.

Q3 Cannot play the video when I click the play button even though the written pledge had submitted.
When you login the library portal, please check "Clear prior granting of permission for release of your information to this service."
In next page, please see "information to be provided to service" and all items are checked.

If you uncheck some information, the authentication might be failed.
If the authentication window does not appear, please remove the automatic login to NAIST library homepage from your browser.