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  • Hata, Hideaki; Christoph, Treude; Raula, Gaikovina Kula; Ishio, Takashi (IEEE Press Piscataway, NJ, USA ©2019, 2019-05-25)
    Links are an essential feature of the World Wide Web, and source code repositories are no exception. However, despite their many undisputed benefits, links can suffer from decay, insufficient versioning, and lack of ...
  • Hata, Hideaki; Mizuno, Osamu; Kikuno, Tohru (IEEE, 2012)
    There have been many bug prediction models built with historical metrics, which are mined from version histories of software modules. Many studies have reported the effectiveness of these historical metrics. For prediction ...
  • Uemura, Kyohei; Saito, Yusuke; Fujiwara, Shin; Tanaka, Daiki; Fujiwara, Kenji; Iida, Hajimu; Matsumoto, Kenichi (IEEE, 2016)
    In the research of Mining Software Repositories, source code repositories are one of the core sources since it contains the product and the process of software development. A source code repository stores the versions of ...
  • Yuzuki, Ryohei; Hata, Hideaki; Matsumoto, Kenichi (IEEE, 2015)
    Context: Branching and merging are common activities in large-scale software development projects. Isolated development with branching enables developers to focus their effort on their specific tasks without wasting time ...
  • Monden, Akito; Iida, Hajimu; Matsumoto, Kenichi; Inoue, Katsuro; Torii, Koji (IEEE, 2000)
    Java programs distributed through the Internet are now suffering from program theft. This is because Java programs can be easily decomposed into reusable class files and even decompiled into source code by program users. ...
  • Radevski, Stevche; Hata, Hideaki; Matsumoto, Kenichi (IEEE, 2016)
    It is not unreasonable to say that examples are one of the most commonly used knowledge sources when learning the usage and best practices of a new API. That being said, in many cases the examples provided on the APIs' Web ...

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