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  • Qirui, Zhang; 武富, 貴史; Alexander, Plopski; Christian, Sandor; 加藤 博一 (2017-07-02)
  • Alexander, Plopski; Mori, Ryosuke; 武富, 貴史; Christian, Sandor; 加藤, 博一 (Springer, Cham, 2018-06-02)
    With age, changes to the human nervous system lead to a decrease in control accuracy of extremities. Especially, reduced control over the fingers gravely affects a person’s quality of life and self-reliance. It is possible ...
  • Alexander, Plopski; Varunyu, Fuvattanasilp; Jarkko, Poldi; 武富, 貴史; Christian, Sandor; 加藤, 博一 (IEEE, 2018-08-09)
    With increasing complexity of system maintenance there is an increased need for efficient tutorials that support easy understanding of the individual steps and efficient visualization at the operation site. This can be ...
  • Alexander, Plopski; Ada V, Taylor; Elizabeth, Jeanne Carter; Henny, Admoni (2019-10-14)
    When controlling robots, users often face the issue of an operating area that is occluded by an element in the environment or the robot’s body. To gain an unobstructed view of the scene, users have to either adjust the ...
  • 秋山, 諒; 山本, 豪志朗; 武富 貴史; Alexander, Plopski; Amano, Toshiyuki; Christian, Sandor; 加藤, 博一 (IEEE, 2018-08-30)
    Using projection mapping, we can control the appearance of realworld objects by projecting colored light onto them. Because a projector can only add illumination to the scene, only a limited color gamut can be presented ...

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