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Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
T4E (Proceedings) ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and ApplicationsIEEE-CSCSDL
TAAI (Proceedings) Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
TABLETOP (Proceedings) Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
TAIC-PART (Proceedings) Practice And Research Techniques, Testing: Academic & Industrial Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
TAICPART-MUTATION (Proceedings) Testing: Academic and Industrial Conference Practice and Research Techniques - MUTATIONIEEE-CSCSDL
A tale of two cities (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
Tales of horror (Macmillan readers:3, elementary level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
TAMODIA (Proceedings) Task Models and DiagramsACM see "Publication Archive"
TAPAS (Proceedings) Technology and Policy for Accessing SpectrumACM see "Publication Archive"
TAPIA (Proceedings) Diversity in ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
TAPP (Proceedings) Theory and Practice of ProvenanceACM see "Publication Archive"
TARK (Proceedings) Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and KnowledgeACM see "Publication Archive"
TASE (Proceedings) Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering, Joint IEEE/IFIP Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
TAU (Proceedings) Timing Iissues in the Specification and Synthesis of Digital SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
TAV (Proceedings) Testing, Analysis and VerificationACM see "Publication Archive"
TAV-WEB (Proceedings) Testing, Analysis and VerificationACM see "Publication Archive"
TDMA (Proceedings) Trajectory Data Mining and Analysis ACM see "Publication Archive"
TEDC (Proceedings) Technology for Education in Developing Countries, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
TEFSE (Proceedings) Traceability in Emerging Forms of Software Engineering, ICSE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
TEFSE (Proceedings) Traceability in Emerging Forms of Software EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
TEI (Proceedings) Tangible and Embedded InteractionACM see "Publication Archive"
The tenant of Wildfell Hall (Macmillan readers:4, pre-intermediate level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
TG (Proceedings) TeraGridACM see "Publication Archive"
Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic FieldsWiley
This is London (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
The three musketeers (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
TIME (Proceedings) Temporal Representation and Reasoning, International Syposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
Time-Dependent Problems and Difference Methods, Second EditionWiley 
Time Series: Applications to Finance with R and S- Plus(R), Second EditionWiley 
TINA (Proceedings) Global Convergence of Telecommunications and Distributed Object ComputingIEEE-CSCSDL
TINLAP (Proceedings) Theoretical Issues in Natural Language ProcessingACM see "Publication Archive"
TLDI (Proceedings) Types in Language Design and ImplentationACM see "Publication Archive"
TMBIO (Proceedings) Text Mining in BioinformaticsACM see "Publication Archive"
TMR (Proceedings) Tagging, Mining and RetrievalACM see "Publication Archive"
TMS-DEVS (Proceedings) Theory of Modeling and SimulationACM see "Publication Archive"
TOOLS (Proceedings) Technology of Object-Oriented Languages, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
TOPI (Proceedings) Tools as Plug-InsACM see "Publication Archive"
TPCG (Proceedings) Theory and Practice of Computer GraphicsIEEE-CSCSDL
Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Methods: Identification, Analysis, Bioassay, and Pharmaceutical and Clinical StudiesWiley
Treasure island (Macmillan readers:3, elementary level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
The treasure of Monte Cristo (Macmillan readers:4, pre-intermediate level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
TRI-Ada (Proceedings) TRI-AdaACM see "Publication Archive"
TRIDENTCOM (Proceedings) Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
TridentCom (Proceedings) Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & CommunitiesACM see "Publication Archive"
TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem SolvingWiley
TRON (Proceedings) TRON Project Symposium,IEEE-CSCSDL
The trumpet-major (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
TRUSTCOM (Proceedings) IEEE TrustCom/IEEE ICESS/FCST, International Joint Conference ofIEEE-CSCSDL
The truth machine (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
TSA (Proceedings) Topic-Sentiment Analysis for Mass OpinionACM see "Publication Archive"
TT (Proceedings) Software Technology Transfer in Software EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
Turbo Coding, Turbo Equalisation and Space-Time Coding: EXIT-Chart-Aided Near-Capacity Designs for Wireless Channels, 2nd EditionWiley
TVS (Proceedings) TRECVid Video SummarizationACM see "Publication Archive"
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Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
U (Proceedings) Knowledge Discovery from Uncertain DataACM see "Publication Archive"
UAAII (Proceedings) Ubiquitous Affective Awareness and Intelligent Interaction ACM see "Publication Archive"
UBDM (Proceedings) Utility-Based Data MiningACM see "Publication Archive"
UBICOMM (Proceedings) Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
UbiComp (Proceedings) Ubiquitous ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
UbiCrowd (Proceedings) Ubiquitous Crowdsouring ACM see "Publication Archive"
UbiMob (Proceedings) Mobility and Ubiquity ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
Ubi-MUI (Proceedings) Ubiquitous Meta User Interfaces ACM see "Publication Archive"
UCC (Proceedings) Utility and Cloud Computing, IEEE Internatonal Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
UCHPC-MAW (Proceedings) UnConventional High Performance Computing Workshop plus Memory Access WorkshopACM see "Publication Archive"
UCMA (Proceedings) Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia Applications, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
UCVP (Proceedings) Use of Context in Vision ProcessingACM see "Publication Archive"
UDM (Proceedings) International Workshop on Ubiquitous Data ManagementIEEE-CSCSDL
UIC-ATC (Proceedings) Ubiquitous, Autonomic and Trusted Computing, Symposia and Workshops onIEEE-CSCSDL
UIDIS (Proceedings) User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
UIST (Proceedings) User Interface Software and TechnologyACM see "Publication Archive"
UKSIM (Proceedings) Computer Modeling and Simulation, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ULSSIS (Proceedings) Ultra-Large-Scale Software-Intensive SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
UltraVis (Proceedings) Ultrascale VisualizationACM see "Publication Archive"
The umbrella (Macmillan readers:1, starter level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
UMC (Proceedings) Ubiquitous Multimedia Computing, International Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
U-MEDIA (Proceedings) International Conference on Ubi-Media ComputingIEEE-CSCSDL
UML (Proceedings) Unified Modeling LanguageACM see "Publication Archive"
Understanding and Conducting ResearchWiley 
Understanding Uncertainty, Revised EditionWiley 
U-NET (Proceedings) User-Provided NetworkingACM see "Publication Archive"
UODIGS (Proceedings) User-Oriented Design of Interactive Graphics SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
UP (Proceedings) Useful PatternsACM see "Publication Archive"
UPGRADE-CN (Proceedings) Use of P2P, GRID and Agents for the Development of Content NetworksACM see "Publication Archive"
UXTV (Proceedings) Designing Interactive User Experiences for TV and VideoACM see "Publication Archive"
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Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
Vaccinology - Principles and PracticeWiley 
VAKD (Proceedings) Visual Analytics and Knowledge DiscoveryACM see "Publication Archive"
VALID (Proceedings) Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ValueTools (Proceedings) Performance Evaluation Methodologies and ToolsACM see "Publication Archive"
VANET (Proceedings) VehiculAr InterNETworkingACM see "Publication Archive"
Vanity Fair (Macmillan readers:6, upper level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
VariComp (Proceedings) Variability & Composition in Live ContextsACM see "Publication Archive"
VAST (Proceedings) Symposium On Visual Analytics Science And TechnologyIEEE-CSCSDL
VAST (Proceedings) Visual Analytics Science and TechnologyACM see "Publication Archive"
VCON (Proceedings) Information Technology for Real World Problems, Vaagdevi International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
VDTS (Proceedings) Virtualization Technology for Dependable SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
VEE (Proceedings) Virtual Execution EnvironmentsACM see "Publication Archive"
VG (Proceedings) International Workshop on Volume GraphicsIEEE-CSCSDL
VG (Proceedings) Volume GraphicsACM see "Publication Archive"
VHDL for Logic Synthesis, 3rd EditionWiley
Vibration-based Condition Monitoring: Industrial, Aerospace and Automotive ApplicationsWiley
VINCE (Proceedings) Visual Information CommunicationACM see "Publication Archive"
VIS (Proceedings) VisualizationACM see "Publication Archive"
VISA (Proceedings) Virtualized Infrastructure Systems and ArchitecturesACM see "Publication Archive"
VISSOFT (Proceedings) Visualizing Software for Understanding and Analysis, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
VISSYM (Proceedings) Symposium on Data VisualisationACM see "Publication Archive"
VIUF (Proceedings) VHDL International User's ForumIEEE-CSCSDL
VIZ (Proceedings) Visualisation, International Conference inIEEE-CSCSDL
VIZSEC (Proceedings) Visualization for Computer Security, IEEE Workshops onIEEE-CSCSDL
VizSEC (Proceedings) Visualization for Computer SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
VL (Proceedings) Visual Languages, IEEE Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
VLDB (Proceedings) Very Large Data BasesACM see "Publication Archive"
VLHCC (Proceedings) Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing, IEEE Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
VLSID (Proceedings) VLSI Design, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
VLSM (Proceedings) Variational and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
VLS-MCMR (Proceedings) Very-Large-Scale Multimedia Corpus, Mining and RetrievalACM see "Publication Archive"
VMCAI (Proceedings) Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract InterpretationACM see "Publication Archive"
VMIL (Proceedings) Virtual Machines and Intermediate LanguagesACM see "Publication Archive"
VMSec (Proceedings) Virtual Machine SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
VNBA (Proceedings) Vision Networks for Behaviour AnalysisACM see "Publication Archive"
VOLTA (Proceedings) Low-Power Design, IEEE Alessandro Volta Memorial Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
VR (Proceedings) Virtual Reality Conference, IEEEIEEE-CSCSDL
VRAIS (Proceedings) Virtual Reality Annual International SymposiumIEEE-CSCSDL
VRCAI (Proceedings) Virtual Reality Continuum and its Applications in IndustryACM see "Publication Archive"
VRML (Proceedings) Virtual Reality Modeling LanguageACM see "Publication Archive"
VRST (Proceedings) Virtual Reality Software and TechnologyACM see "Publication Archive"
VS (Proceedings) Visual Surveillance, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
VS-GAMES (Proceedings) Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications, Conference inIEEE-CSCSDL
VSMM (Proceedings) Virtual Systems and MultiMedia, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
VSPETS (Proceedings) Visual Surveillance and Performance Evaluation of Tracking and SurveillanceIEEE-CSCSDL
VSR (Proceedings) Representation of Visual Scenes, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
VSSN (Proceedings) Video Surveillance and Sensor NetworksACM see "Publication Archive"
VTDC (Proceedings) Virtualization Technology in Distributed Computing, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
VTDC (Proceedings) Virtualization Technology in Distributed ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
VTS (Proceedings) VLSI Test Symposium, IEEEIEEE-CSCSDL
VV (Proceedings) Volume Visualization and Graphics, IEEE Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
VVS (Proceedings) Symposium on Volume VisualizationACM see "Publication Archive"
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Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
W4A (Proceedings) Web AccessibilityACM see "Publication Archive"
WACC (Proceedings) Work Activities Coordination and CollaborationACM see "Publication Archive"
WACV (Proceedings) Applications of Computer Vision, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WACV-MOTION (Proceedings) Applications of Computer Vision and the IEEE Workshop on Motion and Video Computing, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WADAS (Proceedings) Washington Ada symposium on AdaACM see "Publication Archive"
WADS (Proceedings) Workshop on Architecting Dependable SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
WAIM (Proceedings) Web-Age Information Management, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WAIMW (Proceedings) Web-Age Information Management Workshops, Seventh International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WAINA (Proceedings) Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WAMCA (Proceedings) Architecture and Multi-Core Applications, Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
Wands (Proceedings) Workflow Approaches to New Data-centric ScienceACM see "Publication Archive"
WASA (Proceedings) Wireless Algorithms,Systems and Applications, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
Washington Square (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
Wastewater Microbiology, Fourth EditionWiley 
WBD (Proceedings) Brain Decoding: Pattern Recognition Challenges in Neuroimaging, Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WBIA (Proceedings) Biomedical Image Analysis, Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WBIA (Proceedings) Workshop on Binary Instrumentation and ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
WBMA (Proceedings) Biometrics Methods and ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
WCAE (Proceedings) Computer Architecture EducationACM see "Publication Archive"
WCCCE (Proceedings) Computing EducationACM see "Publication Archive"
WCCI (Proceedings) Computational Intelligence, Proceedings of the World on Congress onIEEE-CSCSDL
WCECS (Proceedings) World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science, Advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering - IAENG Special Edition of theIEEE-CSCSDL
WCFLP (Proceedings) Workshop on Curry and Functional Logic ProgrammingACM see "Publication Archive"
WCMEB (Proceedings) the Management of eBusiness, World Congress onIEEE-CSCSDL
WCRE (Proceedings) Reverse Engineering, Working Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WCSE (Proceedings) Software Engineering, World Congress onIEEE-CSCSDL
WCW (Proceedings) Web Content Caching and Distribution, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WDDDM (Proceedings) Dependable Distributed Data ManagementACM see "Publication Archive"
WDDM (Proceedings) Dependable Distributed Data ManagementACM see "Publication Archive"
WDFIA (Proceedings) Workshop on Digital Forensics and Incident Analysis, InternationalIEEE-CSCSDL
WDTN (Proceedings) Delay-Tolerant NetworkingACM see "Publication Archive"
WEASELTech (Proceedings) Empirical Assessment of Software Engineering Languages and TechnologiesACM see "Publication Archive"
Web2SE (Proceedings) Workshop on Web 2.0 for Software EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
Web3D (Proceedings) 3D Web TechnologyACM see "Publication Archive"
WebDB (Proceedings) Web and DatabasesACM see "Publication Archive"
WebKDD/SNA-KDD (Proceedings) Web Mining and Social Network AnalysisACM see "Publication Archive"
WebMedia (Proceedings) Multimedia and the WebACM see "Publication Archive"
WebScience (Proceedings) Collaborative and Collective IntelligenceACM see "Publication Archive"
WEC (Proceedings) Electronic Contracting, IEEE International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WECWIS (Proceedings) Advanced Issues of E-Commerce and Web-Based Information Systems, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WEDELMUSIC (Proceedings) Web Delivering of Music, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WEH (Proceedings) Exception HandlingACM see "Publication Archive"
WEIT (Proceedings) Theoretical Computer Science, Workshop-School onIEEE-CSCSDL
WESAAC (Proceedings) Agent Systems, their Environment and Applications, Workshop and School ofIEEE-CSCSDL
WESE (Proceedings) Embedded Systems Education ACM see "Publication Archive"
WESS (Proceedings) Workshop on Embedded Systems SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
WETICE (Proceedings) Enabling Technologies, IEEE International Workshops onIEEE-CSCSDL
WETSoM (Proceedings) Workshop on Emerging Trends in Software MetricsACM see "Publication Archive"
WEUSE (Proceedings) Workshop on End-User Software EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
WEWST (Proceedings) Workshop on Enhanced Web Service TechnologiesACM see "Publication Archive"
WGEC (Proceedings) Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WGP (Proceedings) Workshop on Generic ProgrammingACM see "Publication Archive"
WH (Proceedings) Wireless HealthACM see "Publication Archive"
WHC (Proceedings) World Haptics ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
WHPCF (Proceedings) High Performance Computational FinanceACM see "Publication Archive"
WI (Proceedings) Web Intelligence, IEEE / WIC / ACM International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WI (Proceedings) Web IntelligenceACM see "Publication Archive"
WIAMIS (Proceedings) Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WIAPP (Proceedings) Internet Applications, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WICON (Proceedings) Wireless Internet, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WICON (Proceedings) Wireless internetACM see "Publication Archive"
WICOW (Proceedings) Information Credibility on the WebACM see "Publication Archive"
WICSA (Proceedings) Software Architecture, Working IEEE/IFIP Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WIDM (Proceedings) Web Information and Data ManagementACM see "Publication Archive"
WIESS (Proceedings) Industrial Experiences with Systems Software ACM see "Publication Archive"
WIFS (Proceedings) Information Forensics and Security, IEEE International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WIFT (Proceedings) Industrial-Strength Formal Specification Techniques, Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WI-IAT (Proceedings) Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WI-IATW (Proceedings) Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WI-IATW (Proceedings) Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent TechnologyACM see "Publication Archive"
WikiSym (Proceedings) International Symposium on WikisACM see "Publication Archive"
WiMD (Proceedings) Medical Grade Wireless NetworksACM see "Publication Archive"
WIMOB (Proceedings) Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communication, IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application, 2nd EditionWiley
Wind Energy Handbook, 2nd EditionWiley
WINITS (Proceedings) Wireless Networking for Intelligent Transportation SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
WiNS-DR (Proceedings) Wireless Networks and Systems for Developing RegionsACM see "Publication Archive"
WINTECH (Proceedings) Exerimental Evaluation and CharacterizationACM see "Publication Archive"
WiNTECH (Proceedings) Wireless Network Tesbeds, Experimental Evaluation and CharacterizationACM see "Publication Archive"
WIOPT (Proceedings) Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad-Hoc and Wireless Networks, International Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
WIRI (Proceedings) International Workshop on Challenges in Web Information Retrieval and IntegrationIEEE-CSCSDL
WISA (Proceedings) Web Information Systems and Applications ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
WISE (Proceedings) Web Information Systems Engineering, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WiSe (Proceedings) Wireless SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
WISEC (Proceedings) Wireless Network SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
WISER (Proceedings) Workshop on Interdisciplinary Software Engineering ResearchACM see "Publication Archive"
WISEW (Proceedings) Web Information Systems Engineering Workshops, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WISG (Proceedings) Workshop on Information Security GovernanceACM see "Publication Archive"
WISM (Proceedings) Web Information Systems and Mining, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WISTDCS (Proceedings) Information Security Threats Data Collection and Sharing, WOMBAT Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WISTP (Proceedings) Information Security Theory and PracticesACM see "Publication Archive"
WitMeMo (Proceedings) Wireless Traffic Measurements and ModelingACM see "Publication Archive"
WITS (Proceedings) Issues in the Theory of SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
The wizard of Oz (Macmillan readers:4, pre-intermediate level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
WKDD (Proceedings) International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data MiningIEEE-CSCSDL
WMASH (Proceedings) Wireless Mobile Applications and Services on WLAN HotspotsACM see "Publication Archive"
WMC (Proceedings) Workshop on Mobile CommerceACM see "Publication Archive"
WMCSA (Proceedings) Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WMI (Proceedings) Wireless Mobile InternetACM see "Publication Archive"
WMISI (Proceedings) Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces in Semantic InteractionACM see "Publication Archive"
WMPI (Proceedings) Memory Performance IssuesACM see "Publication Archive"
WMSO (Proceedings) Modelling, Simulation and Optimization, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WMSVM (Proceedings) Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WMTE (Proceedings) Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education, IEEE International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WMuNeP (Proceedings) Wireless Multimedia and Performance ModelingACM see "Publication Archive"
WMUPS (Proceedings) Middleware for Ubiquitous and Pervasive SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
W-MUST (Proceedings) Measurements Up the StackACM see "Publication Archive"
WMUTE (Proceedings) IEEE International Conference on Wireless, Mobile, and Ubiquitous Technology in EducationIEEE-CSCSDL
WMVC (Proceedings) Motion and Video Computing, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WMWA (Proceedings) Web Mining and Web-based Application, Pacific-Asia Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WNIS (Proceedings) Wireless Networks and Information Systems, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
WNS2 (Proceedings) Workshop on NS-2: the IP Network SimulatorACM see "Publication Archive"
WOCCI (Proceedings) Workshop on Child, Computer and InteractionACM see "Publication Archive"
WODA (Proceedings) Dynamic Analysis, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WODA (Proceedings) Workshop on Dynamic AnalysisACM see "Publication Archive"
WODES (Proceedings) Discrete Event Systems, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
The woman who disappeared (Macmillan readers:5, intermediate level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
WOMOT (Proceedings) Multi-Object Tracking, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WONS (Proceedings) Wireless on Demand Network Systems and Service, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
The woodlanders (Macmillan readers:5, intermediate level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
WORDS (Proceedings) Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems, IEEE International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WORKS (Proceedings) Workflows in Support of Large-Scale ScienceACM see "Publication Archive"
WORM (Proceedings) Workshop on Recurring MalcodeACM see "Publication Archive"
WOSAR (Proceedings) Workshop on Software Aging and RejuvenationIEEE-CSCSDL
WOSN (Proceedings) Online Social NetworksACM see "Publication Archive"
WOSOCER (Proceedings) Software Certification, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WOSQ (Proceedings) Workshop on Software Quality, InternationalIEEE-CSCSDL
WoSQ (Proceedings) Workshop on Software QualityACM see "Publication Archive"
WOSS (Proceedings) Self-Managed SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
WOWMOM (Proceedings) A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, International Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
WOWMOM (Proceedings) Workshop on Wireless Mobile MultimediaACM see "Publication Archive"
WPC (Proceedings) Program Comprehension, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WPDRTS (Proceedings) Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems, WorkshopIEEE-CSCSDL
WPES (Proceedings) Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic SocietyACM see "Publication Archive"
WPSO (Proceedings) Workshop on Software and PerformanceACM see "Publication Archive"
WRAITS (Proceedings) Recent Advances on Intrusion-Tolerant SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
WRAS (Proceedings) Workshop on Reliability, Availability, and SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
WRASQ (Proceedings) Workshop on Automating Service QualityACM see "Publication Archive"
WREFT (Proceedings) Workshop on Radiation Effects and Fault Tolerance in Nanometer TechnologiesACM see "Publication Archive"
WREN (Proceedings) Research on Enterprise NetworkingACM see "Publication Archive"
Writing Chemistry Patents and Intellectual Property: A Practical Guide Wiley
WRT (Proceedings) Refactoring ToolsACM see "Publication Archive"
WSC (Proceedings) Winter Simulation ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
WSC (Proceedings) Winter Simulation ConferenceACM see "Publication Archive"
WSCAD-SCC (Proceedings) Computing Systems, Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
WSCAD-SSC (Proceedings) Simpósio em Sistemas ComputacionaisIEEE-CSCSDL
WSCD (Proceedings) Web Search Click DataACM see "Publication Archive"
WSCS (Proceedings) Semantic Computing and Systems, IEEE International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WSDM (Proceedings) Web Search and Data MiningACM see "Publication Archive"
WSE (Proceedings) Web Site Evolution, IEEE International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WSM (Proceedings) Social MediaACM see "Publication Archive"
WSMC (Proceedings) Web-Scale Multimedia CorpusACM see "Publication Archive"
WSNA (Proceedings) Wireless Sensor Networks and ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
WS-REST (Proceedings) RESTful DesignACM see "Publication Archive"
WSTFES (Proceedings) Software Technologies for Future Embedded Systems, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WSTFEUS (Proceedings) Software Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WTAOP (Proceedings) Workshop on Testing Aspect-Oriented ProgramsACM see "Publication Archive"
WUAUC (Proceedings) Universal Accessibility of Ubiquitous ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
WUP (Proceedings) Warm Up Workshop for ACM/IEEE ICSE 2010ACM see "Publication Archive"
Wuthering Heights (Macmillan readers:5, intermediate level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
WUWNet (Proceedings) UnderWater NetworksACM see "Publication Archive"
WVLSI (Proceedings) VLSI, IEEE Computer Society Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WWC (Proceedings) Workload Characterization, Annual IEEE International WorkshopIEEE-CSCSDL
WWV (Proceedings) Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
WWW (Proceedings) World Wide WebACM see "Publication Archive"
- - X - -
Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
X10 (Proceedings) X10ACM see "Publication Archive"
XIME-P (Proceedings) XQuery Implementation, Experience and PerpectivesACM see "Publication Archive"
XMLSEC (Proceedings) XML SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
- - Y - -
Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
Yeast : molecular and cell biology 2nd completely rev. and greatley enlarged edWiley-BlackwellWiley e-book 
- - 0/9 - -
Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
1,001 algebra I practice problems for dummiesWileyeBookLibrary 
1,001 calculus practice problems for dummiesJohn Wiley & SonseBookLibrary 
1,001 CCNA routing and switching practice questions for dummiesWileyeBookLibrary 
1,001 chemistry practice problems for dummiesWileyeBookLibrary 
1,001 grammar practice questions for dummiesJohn Wiley & SonseBookLibrary 
1,001 GRE practice questions for dummiesWileyeBookLibrary 
1,001 praxis core practice questions for dummiesJohn Wiley & SonseBookLibrary 
3D printing for dummies 2nd edJohn Wiley & SonseBookLibrary 

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