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Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
A2CWiC (Proceedings) Amrita ACM-W Celebration on Women in Computing in IndiaACM see "Publication Archive"
AAA-IDEA (Proceedings) Advanced Architectures and Algorithms for Internet Delivery and ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
AAA-IDEA (Proceedings) Advanced Architectures and Algorithms for Internet Delivery and Applications, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
AADEBUG (Proceedings) Automated analysis-driven debuggingACM see "Publication Archive"
AAMAS (Proceedings) Autonomous Agents and Multiagent SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
AAMAS (Proceedings) Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, International Joint Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ACAC (Proceedings) Australasian Computer Architecture ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
ACCT (Proceedings) Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ACDC (Proceedings) Automated Control for Datacenters and CloudsACM see "Publication Archive"
ACE (Proceedings) Autonomic Computing in EconomicsACM see "Publication Archive"
ACE (Proceedings) Advances in Computer Entertainment TechnologyACM see "Publication Archive"
ACE (Proceedings) Australasian Conference on Computing EducationACM see "Publication Archive"
ACE (Proceedings) Advances in Computer Engineering, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AcessNets (Proceedings) Access NetworksACM see "Publication Archive"
ACHI (Proceedings) International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human InteractionIEEE-CSCSDL
ACIIDS (Proceedings) Intelligent Information and Database Systems, Asian Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ACISNR (Proceedings) Applications of Computer and Information Sciences to Nature ResearchACM see "Publication Archive"
ACL2 (Proceedings) ACL2 Theorem Prover and its ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
ACM (Proceedings) ACM Annual Conference/Annual MeetingACM see "Publication Archive"
ACM DEV (Proceedings) Computing for DevelopmentACM see "Publication Archive"
ACM POLICY (Proceedings) ACM POLICYACM see "Publication Archive"
ACM-BCS (Proceedings) ACM-BCSACM see "Publication Archive"
ACM-SE (Proceedings) Annual Southeast Regional ConferenceACM see "Publication Archive"
ACoM (Proceedings) Assessment of Contemporary Modularization TechniquesACM see "Publication Archive"
ACOM (Proceedings) Assessment of Contemporary Modularization Techniques, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
ACP4IS (Proceedings) Aspects, Components, and Patterns for Infrastructure SoftwareACM see "Publication Archive"
ACSAC (Proceedings) Annual Computer Security Applications ConferenceACM see "Publication Archive"
ACSAC (Proceedings) Computer Security Applications Conference, AnnualIEEE-CSCSDL
ACSC (Proceedings) Australasian Computer Science ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
ACSD (Proceedings) Application of Concurrency to System Design, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ACT (Proceedings) Advances in Computing, Control, and Telecommunication Technologies, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ADAMUS (Proceedings) Adaptive and Dependable Mobile Ubiquitous SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
ADC (Proceedings) Agile Development Conference/Australasian Database ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
ADCOM (Proceedings) Advanced Computing and Communications, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ADHES (Proceedings) Adhesive Joining and Coating Technology in Electronics ManufacturingIEEE-CSCSDL
ADKDD (Proceedings) Data Mining and Audience Intelligence for AdvertisingACM see "Publication Archive"
ADMET for Medicinal Chemists: A Practical GuideWiley
ADL (Proceedings) Advances in Digital Libraries Conference, IEEEIEEE-CSCSDL
ADPUC (Proceedings) Advanced Data Processing in Ubiquitous Computing ACM see "Publication Archive"
ADS (Proceedings) Agent-directed SimulationACM see "Publication Archive"
Advanced characterization techniques for thin film solar cells 2nd edWiley-VCHWiley e-book 
Advanced Control of Aircraft, Spacecraft and RocketsWiley
Advanced Frequency Synthesis by Phase LockWiley
Advanced Kalman Filtering, Least-Squares and Modeling: A Practical HandbookWiley
Advanced Methods of Biomedical Signal ProcessingWiley
Advanced Wireless Communications and Internet: Future Evolving Technologies, 3rd EditionWiley
ADVCOMP (Proceedings) Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
The adventures of Tom Sawyer (Macmillan guided readers:2, beginner level) (Macmillan classics)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
AERO (Proceedings) IEEE Aerospace ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
Aerosol Measurement: Principles, Techniques, and Applications, 3rd EditionWiley
Aerothermodynamics of Turbomachinery: Analysis and DesignWiley
AFFINE (Proceedings) Affective-Aware Virtual Agents and Social RobotsACM see "Publication Archive"
AFIN (Proceedings) Advances in Future Internet, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AFIPS (Proceedings) AFIPSACM see "Publication Archive"
AFIPS (Proceedings) Managing Requirements Knowledge, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
AFM (Proceedings) Automated Formal MethodsACM see "Publication Archive"
AFRIGRAPH (Proceedings) Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Visualisation and Interaction in AfricaACM see "Publication Archive"
AGENTS (Proceedings) Autonomous AgentsACM see "Publication Archive"
AGILE (Proceedings) AGILE ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
AGILEINDIA (Proceedings) Agile IndiaIEEE-CSCSDL
AH (Proceedings) Augmented HumanACM see "Publication Archive"
AHS (Proceedings) Adaptive Hardware and Systems, NASA/ESA Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AICCSA (Proceedings) Computer Systems and Applications, ACS/IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AICI (Proceedings) Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AICT (Proceedings) Advanced International Conference on TelecommunicationsIEEE-CSCSDL
AICT-ICIW (Proceedings) Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications / Internet and Web Applications and Services, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AICT-SAPIR-ELETE (Proceedings) Advanced Industrial Conference on Telecommunications/Service Assurance with Partial and Intermittent Resources Conference/E-Learning on Telecommunications WorkshopIEEE-CSCSDL
AIDM (Proceedings) Integrating AI and Data Mining, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
AIEE-IRE (Proceedings) AIEE-IREACM see "Publication Archive"
AIEMPro (Proceedings) Automated Information Extraction in Media ProductionACM see "Publication Archive"
AIGC (Proceedings) Artificial Intelligence in Grid ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
AINA (Proceedings) Advanced Information Networking and Applications, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AINAW (Proceedings) Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AINTEC (Proceedings) Asian Conference on Internet EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
AIPACa (Proceedings) Applications of Private and Anonymous CommunicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
AIPR (Proceedings) Applied Image Pattern Recognition Workshop,IEEE-CSCSDL
AIRS (Proceedings) Asia Information Retrieval Symposium ACM see "Publication Archive"
AIRWeb (Proceedings) Adversarial Information Retrieval on the WebACM see "Publication Archive"
AISC (Proceedings) AISC/MKM/Calculemus Conference on Intelligent Computer MathematicsACM see "Publication Archive"
AISec (Proceedings) Artificial Intelligence and SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
AIWORC (Proceedings) Research Challenges, Academia/Industry Working Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
Algorithms and Parallel ComputingWiley
ALICE (Proceedings) Alice SymposiumACM see "Publication Archive"
Alive and Well at the End of the Day: The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in OperationsWiley
AM (Proceedings) Audio MostlyACM see "Publication Archive"
Ambi-Sys (Proceedings) Ambient Media and SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
AMC (Proceedings) Ambient Media ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
AMCMM (Proceedings) Audio and Music Computing MultimediaACM see "Publication Archive"
AMFG (Proceedings) Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures, IEEE International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
A-MOST (Proceedings) Advances in Model-Based TestingACM see "Publication Archive"
AMS (Proceedings) Asia International Conference on Modelling & SimulationIEEE-CSCSDL
AMSW (Proceedings) International Workshop on Active Middleware ServicesIEEE-CSCSDL
ANCS (Proceedings) Symposium On Architecture For Networking And Communications SystemsIEEE-CSCSDL
ANCS (Proceedings) Architectures for Networking and Communications SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
AND (Proceedings) Analytics for Noisy Unstructured Text DataACM see "Publication Archive"
Analysis of Financial Time Series, Third EditionWiley 
Analysis of Structures: An Introduction Including Numerical MethodsWiley
Analytical Methods for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and ToxicologyWiley
Analytical Sociology: Actions and NetworksWiley 
Animal Cell Culture - Essential MethodsWiley 
ANNA (Proceedings) Analysis of Neural Network ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
Anna and the fighter (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
Anna Karenina (Macmillan readers:6, upper level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
ANNES (Proceedings) Artificial Neural Networks and Expert Systems, New Zealand ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
Annual Plant ReviewsWileyWiley reference works
Annual review of biochemistryAnnual Review
Annual review of biophysicsAnnual Review
Annual review of cell and developmental biologyAnnual Review
Annual review of geneticsAnnual Review
Annual review of microbiologyAnnual Review
Annual review of neuroscienceAnnual Review
Annual review of phytopathologyAnnual Review
Annual review of plant biologyAnnual Review
ANSS (Proceedings) Simulation Symposium, AnnualIEEE-CSCSDL
ANSS (Proceedings) Annual Simulation SymposiumACM see "Publication Archive"
ANSS-41 (Proceedings) Simulation Symposium, AnnualIEEE-CSCSDL
Antenna Design for Mobile DevicesWiley
AOM (Proceedings) Aspect-Oriented ModelingACM see "Publication Archive"
AOMD (Proceedings) Aspect Oriented Middleware DevelopmentACM see "Publication Archive"
AOSD (Proceedings) Aspect-Oriented Software DevelopmentACM see "Publication Archive"
AP2PS (Proceedings) Advances in P2P Systems, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
APAQS (Proceedings) Asia-Pacific Conference on Quality SoftwareIEEE-CSCSDL
APCHI (Proceedings) Asia-Pacific Computer and Human InteractionIEEE-CSCSDL
APCIP (Proceedings) Information Processing, Asia-Pacific Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
APDC (Proceedings) Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computing ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
APED (Proceedings) Power Electronics and Design, Asia-Pacific Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
APGV (Proceedings) Applied Perception in Graphics and VisualizationACM see "Publication Archive"
APL (Proceedings) APLACM see "Publication Archive"
APLWACA (Proceedings) Analysis and Programming Languages for Web Applications and Cloud ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
APOS (Proceedings) Scrutinizing Agile PracticesACM see "Publication Archive"
APPEEC (Proceedings) Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
Applications of High Temperature Superconductors to Electric Power EquipmentWiley
Applications of Microdialysis in Pharmaceutical ScienceWiley
Applied diffusion processes from engineering to financeWiley-ISTE 
Applied Intelligent Control of Induction Motor DrivesWiley
Applied Linear Regression, Third EditionWiley 
Applied Logistic Regression, Third EditionWiley 
Applied Multivariate Data Analysis 2eWiley 
Applied Regression Modeling, Second EditionWiley 
Applied Survival Analysis: Regression Modeling of Time to Event Data, Second EditionWiley-Interscience 
Approximate Dynamic Programming: Solving the Curses of Dimensionality, Second EditionWiley 
APS (Proceedings) Adaptive, Personalization & the Semantic WebACM see "Publication Archive"
APSCC (Proceedings) Asia-Pacific Conference on Services Computing. 2006 IEEEIEEE-CSCSDL
APSEC (Proceedings) Asia-Pacific Software Engineering ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
APTC (Proceedings) Trusted Infrastructure Technologies Conference, Asia-Pacific /Trusted Infrastructure Technologies Conference, Third Asia-PacificIEEE-CSCSDL
APVIS (Proceedings) Asia-Pacific Symposium on VisualizationIEEE-CSCSDL
APWCS (Proceedings) Wearable Computing Systems, Asia-Pacific Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
APWEB (Proceedings) Conference, International Asia-Pacific WebIEEE-CSCSDL
AQTR (Proceedings) International Conference on Automation, Quality and Testing, RoboticsIEEE-CSCSDL
Arabidopsis (Annual Plant Reviews ; Vol.1)WileyWiley reference works
AREA (Proceedings) Analysis and Retrieval of EventsACM see "Publication Archive"
ARES (Proceedings) Availability, Reliability and Security, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AREW (Proceedings) Agile Requirements EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
ARITH (Proceedings) Computer Arithmetic, IEEE Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
ARM (Proceedings) Adaptive and Reflective MIddlewareACM see "Publication Archive"
Around the world in eighty days (Macmillan readers:1, starter level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
ARTCOM (Proceedings) Advances in Recent Technologies in Communication and Computing, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ARTEMIS (Proceedings) Analysis and Retrieval of Tracked Events and Motion in Imagery StreamsACM see "Publication Archive"
The Art of Data Analysis: How to Answer Almost Any Question Using Basic StatisticsWiley 
ARVLSI (Proceedings) Advanced Research in VLSI, Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ASAMA (Proceedings) Agent Systems and Applications, International Symposium on / International Symposium on Mobile AgentsIEEE-CSCSDL
ASAP (Proceedings) Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and Processors, IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ASAS (Proceedings) Assurances for Self-Adaptive SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
ASE (Proceedings) Automated Software Engineering, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
ASE (Proceedings) Automated Software EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
ASEA (Proceedings) Advanced Software Engineering and Its ApplicationsIEEE-CSCSDL
ASIA (Proceedings) Intelligent Interaction and Affective Computing, International Asia Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
ASIACCS (Proceedings) Information, Computer and Communications SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
ASIA-PEPM (Proceedings) Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program ManipulationACM see "Publication Archive"
ASID (Proceedings) Architectural and System Support for Improving Software DependabilityACM see "Publication Archive"
ASILOMAR (Proceedings) Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and ComputersIEEE-CSCSDL
ASONAM (Proceedings) Social Network Analysis and Mining, International Conference on Advances inIEEE-CSCSDL
ASP-DAC (Proceedings) Asia and South Pacific Design Automation ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
ASPDAC (Proceedings) Asia and South Pacific Design Automation ConferenceACM see "Publication Archive"
ASPLOS (Proceedings) Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
ASSET (Proceedings) Application-Specific Software Engineering and Technology, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
ASSETS (Proceedings) Computers and AccessibilityACM see "Publication Archive"
AST (Proceedings) Automation of Software Test, Second International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
AST (Proceedings) Automation of Software TestACM see "Publication Archive"
AST-E (Proceedings) Advanced Science and Technology, International e-Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
Astro-HPC (Proceedings) High-Performance Computing for Astronomy DateACM see "Publication Archive"
ASWEC (Proceedings) Software Engineering Conference, AustralianIEEE-CSCSDL
ASWN (Proceedings) Applications and Services in Wireless Networks, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
ASYNC (Proceedings) Asynchronous Circuits and Systems, International Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
AT-EQUAL (Proceedings) Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Quality of LifeIEEE-CSCSDL
Atlas of Human Infectious DiseasesWiley 
Atomistic Computer Simulations - A Practical GuideWiley-VCH 
Atoms, Radiation, and Radiation ProtectionWiley-VCH 
ATS (Proceedings) Asian Test SymposiumIEEE-CSCSDL
AUIC (Proceedings) Australasian User Interface ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
AUIC (Proceedings) User InterfaceACM see "Publication Archive"
AUPC (Proceedings) Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Challenges for Ubiquitous and Pervasive ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
AURE (Proceedings) Automotive Requirements Engineering, International WorkshopIEEE-CSCSDL
AusGrid (Proceedings) Grid Computing and e-ResearchACM see "Publication Archive"
AUSTCSAC (Proceedings) Australasian Computer Systems Architecture ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
AUSWIRELESS (Proceedings) Wireless Broadband and Ultra Wideband Communications, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AUTOID (Proceedings) Automatic Identification Advanced Technologies, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
AutomotiveUI (Proceedings) Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and ProcessesWiley
Autonomics (Proceedings) Autonomic Computing and Communication SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
AVI (Proceedings) Advanced Visual InterfacesACM see "Publication Archive"
AVSS (Proceedings) Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance, IEEE Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
AVSTP2P (Proceedings) Advanced video streaming techniques for peer-to-peer networks and social networkingACM see "Publication Archive"
AXMEDIS (Proceedings) Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-Channel Distribution, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
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Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
Basic English grammar for dummiesWileyeBookLibrary 
Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics, 3rd EditionWiley
BADGERS (Proceedings) Development of Large Scale Security-related Data Collection and Analysis InitiativesACM see "Publication Archive"
BADS (Proceedings) Bio-Inspired Algorithms for Distributed SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
Baltic Sea (Proceedings) Baltic Sea Conference on Computing Education ResearchACM see "Publication Archive"
BCB (Proceedings) Bioinformatics and Computational BiologyACM see "Publication Archive"
BCGIN (Proceedings) Business Computing and Global Informatization, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
BCI (Proceedings) Informatics, Balkan Conference inIEEE-CSCSDL
BCS (Proceedings) BCS Interaction Specialist Group ConferenceACM see "Publication Archive"
BCS-HCI (Proceedings) British HCI Group Annual Conference on People and ComputersACM see "Publication Archive"
Beginning programming with Python for dummiesWileyeBookLibrary 
BELIV (Proceedings) Beyond Time and Errors: Novel evaluation Methods for Information VisualizationACM see "Publication Archive"
BIBE (Proceedings) Bioinformatic and Bioengineering, IEEE International Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
BIBM (Proceedings) Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
BIBMW (Proceedings) Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshop, IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
BIC-TA (Proceedings) Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
BIFE (Proceedings) Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
Billy Budd (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
Biocatalysis for Green Chemistry and Chemical Process DevelopmentWiley
Biochemistry of Plant Secondary Metabolism, 2nd ed. (Annual Plant Reviews ; Vol.40)WileyWiley reference works
Biochemistry of Plant Secondary Metabolism (Annual Plant Reviews ; Vol.2)WileyWiley reference works
Biocomplexity of Plant-Fungal InteractionsWiley 
Biodiversity and Insect Pests: Key Issues for Sustainable ManagementWiley 
Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, Second EditionWiley 
BIOKDD (Proceedings) BioinformaticsACM see "Publication Archive"
Biology of Plant Metabolomics (Annual Plant Reviews ; Vol.43)WileyWiley reference works
Biology of the Plant Cuticle (Annual Plant Reviews ; Vol.23)WileyWiley reference works
Biomaterials Science -- Processing, Properties, and Applications: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 228Wiley
Biomechatronic Design in Biotechnology: A Methodology for Development of Biotechnological ProductsWiley
BIOMEDVIS (Proceedings) Biomedical VisualizationIEEE-CSCSDL
BIONETICS (Proceedings) Bio Inspired Models of Network, Information and Computing SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
Biopolymers: Biomedical and Environmental ApplicationsWiley
Biopolymers: New Materials for Sustainable Films and CoatingsWiley
Biosensor NanomaterialsWiley
BIOSCIENCESWORLD (Proceedings) Biosciences, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
Biostatistics DecodedWiley 
BIOTECHNO (Proceedings) International Conference on Biocomputation, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical TechnologiesIEEE-CSCSDL
BiPi (Proceedings) Business Impact of Process ImprovementsACM see "Publication Archive"
BIWIT (Proceedings) Basque International Workshop on Information TechnologyIEEE-CSCSDL
The black cat (Macmillan guided readers:3, elementary level) (Macmillan original)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
The black tulip (Macmillan readers:2, beginner level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
Bleak House (Macmillan readers:6, upper level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
Blender for dummies 3rd edWileyeBookLibrary 
BLISS (Proceedings) Bio-inspired, Learning, and Intelligent Systems for Security, ECSIS Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
BMAS (Proceedings) Behavioral Modeling and Simulation, IEEE/ACM International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
BMEI (Proceedings) BioMedical Engineering and Informatics, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
BM-FA (Proceedings) Behaviour ModellingACM see "Publication Archive"
BM-MDA (Proceedings) Behaviour Modelling in Model-Driven ArchitectureACM see "Publication Archive"
BNCOD (Proceedings) British National Conference on DatabasesIEEE-CSCSDL
BooksOnline (Proceedings) Research Advances in Large Digital Book RepositoriesACM see "Publication Archive"
Bovine GenomicsWiley 
BPAOSD (Proceedings) Best Practices in Applying Aspect-Oriented Software DevelopmentACM see "Publication Archive"
BQGT (Proceedings) Behavioral and Quantitative Game TheoryACM see "Publication Archive"
Bristol murder (Macmillan readers:5, intermediate level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
BROADCOM (Proceedings) Broadband Communications, Information Technology & Biomedical Applications, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
BROADNETS (Proceedings) Broadband Networks, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
BSN (Proceedings) Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
Building Science: Concepts and ApplicationWiley
BuildSys (Proceedings) Embedded Sensing Systems for Energy-Efficiency in BuildingsACM see "Publication Archive"
BWAN (Proceedings) Broadband Wireless Access for Ubiquitous NetworkingACM see "Publication Archive"
BWCCA (Proceedings) Broadband, Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
BWSS (Proceedings) Social Simulation, Brazilian Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
-- C --
Title Publisher/Aggregator Note
C&C (Proceedings) Creativity and CognitionACM see "Publication Archive"
C&T (Proceedings) Communities and TechnologiesACM see "Publication Archive"
C3S2E (Proceedings) Canadian Conference on Computer Science and Software EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
C5 (Proceedings) Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CA (Proceedings) Computer AnimationIEEE-CSCSDL
CAD-CG (Proceedings) Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CADGRAPHICS (Proceedings) Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CAe (Proceedings) Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and ImagingACM see "Publication Archive"
CAI (Proceedings) Context in Advanced InterfacesACM see "Publication Archive"
CAIA (Proceedings) Artificial Intelligence for Applications, Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CAIVD (Proceedings) Content-Based Access of Image and Video Databases, Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
The call of the wild (Macmillan readers:4, pre-intermediate level)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
CAMA (Proceedings) Contextualized Attention MetadataACM see "Publication Archive"
CAMP (Proceedings) Computer Architectures for Machine Perception, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
CAMRa (Proceedings) Context-aware Movie RecommendationACM see "Publication Archive"
CAMS (Proceedings) Context-Aware Middleware and ServicesACM see "Publication Archive"
CANET (Proceedings) International Conference in Central Asia on InternetIEEE-CSCSDL
CANS (Proceedings) Complexity and Intelligence of the Artificial and Natural Complex Systems, Medical Applications of the Complex Systems, Biomedical Computing, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
The Canterville ghost and other stories (Macmillan guided readers:3, elementary level) (Macmillan classics)マクミランランゲージハウスeBookLibrary 
CAR (Proceedings) Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, International Asia Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
Carbohydrate Recognition: Biological Problems, Methods, and ApplicationsWiley
Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites: Manufacture, Properties, and ApplicationsWiley
CARPE (Proceedings) Continous Archival and Retrieval of Personal ExperiencesACM see "Publication Archive"
CARS (Proceedings) Critical Automotive ApplicationsACM see "Publication Archive"
CASA (Proceedings) Computer Animation and Social Agents, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CASCON (Proceedings) CAS ConferencesACM see "Publication Archive"
CASE (Proceedings) Computer-Aided Software Engineering, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
CASEMANS (Proceedings) Context-Awareness for Self-Managing SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
Casemans (Proceedings) Context-Awareness for Self-Managing SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
CASES (Proceedings) Compilers, Architectures and Synthesis for Embedded SystemsACM see "Publication Archive"
Case Studies in Bayesian Statistical Modelling and AnalysisWiley 
CASON (Proceedings) Computational Aspects of Social Networks, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CASTA (Proceedings) Context-Aware Software Technology and ApplicationACM see "Publication Archive"
CATCH (Proceedings) Conference For Homeland Security, Cybersecurity Applications & TechnologyIEEE-CSCSDL
Catalysis in Electrochemistry: From Fundamental Aspects to Strategies for Fuel Cell DevelopmentWiley
CATS (Proceedings) Theory of Computing ACM see "Publication Archive"
CAW (Proceedings) Computer Architecture for Non-Numeric ProcessingACM see "Publication Archive"
CBAIVL (Proceedings) Content-Based Access of Image and Video Libraries, IEEE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
CBHPC (Proceedings) Component-Based High Performance ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
CBMI (Proceedings) Content-Based Multimedia Indexing, International Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
CBMS (Proceedings) Computer-Based Medical Systems, IEEE Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
CBSEC (Proceedings) Critical Embedded Systems, Brazilian Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CC (Proceedings) Critical ComputingACM see "Publication Archive"
CCC (Proceedings) Computational Complexity, Annual IEEE Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CCCM (Proceedings) Computing, Communication, Control and Management, ISECS International Colloquium onIEEE-CSCSDL
CCGRID (Proceedings) Cluster Computing and the Grid, IEEE International Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
CCIE (Proceedings) Computing, Control and Industrial Engineering, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CCP (Proceedings) Data Compression, Communications and Processing, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CCS (Proceedings) Computer and Communications SecurityACM see "Publication Archive"
CCSW (Proceedings) Cloud Computing Security WorkshopACM see "Publication Archive"
CCU (Proceedings) Contemporary Computing in UkraineACM see "Publication Archive"
CDCIEM (Proceedings) Computer Distributed Control and Intelligent Environmental Monitoring, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CDEE (Proceedings) Cryptography, and Network Security, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, E-Commerce and Its Applications, and Embedded Systems, IACIS International Symposium onIEEE-CSCSDL
CDS (Proceedings) Configurable Distributed Systems, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CEA (Proceedings) Cooking and Eating ActivitiesACM see "Publication Archive"
CEC (Proceedings) E-Commerce Technology, IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CECANDEEE (Proceedings) E-Commerce Technology and Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services, IEEE Conference and Fifth IEEE ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
CEC-EAST (Proceedings) E-Commerce Technology for Dynamic E-Business, IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CEC-EEE (Proceedings) E-Commerce Technology, IEEE International Conference on, and Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce, and E-Services, IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CECW (Proceedings) E-Commerce Technology Workshops, Seventh IEEE International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CEE-SECR (Proceedings) Software Engineering Conference in Russia, Central and Eastern EuropeanIEEE-CSCSDL
Celebrating the megascale : proceedings of the extraction and processing division symposium on pyrometallurgy in honor of David G.C. Robertson : proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the extraction and processing division of the minerals, metals & materials society (TMS) held during TMS2014, 143rd annual meeting & exhibition, February 16-20, 2014, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USAWILEYWiley e-book 
Cell Cycle Control and Plant Development (Annual Plant Reviews ; Vol.32)WileyWiley reference works
CENICS (Proceedings) Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CENTRIC (Proceedings) Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
Ceramic Integration and Joining Technologies: From Macro to NanoscaleWiley
CERE (Proceedings) Comparative Evaluation in Requirements Engineering, Workshops onIEEE-CSCSDL
CERMA (Proceedings) Electronics, Robotics and Automotive Mechanics ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
CESCE (Proceedings) Challenges in Environmental Science and Computer EngineeringIEEE-CSCSDL
CF (Proceedings) Computing FrontiersACM see "Publication Archive"
CFI (Proceedings) Future Internet TechnologiesACM see "Publication Archive"
CFP (Proceedings) Computers, Freedom and PrivacyACM see "Publication Archive"
CGAMES (Proceedings) Computer Games, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CGI (Proceedings) Computer Graphics International ConferenceIEEE-CSCSDL
CGI (Proceedings) Computer Graphics InternationalACM see "Publication Archive"
CGIV (Proceedings) Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization, International Conference onIEEE-CSCSDL
CGO (Proceedings) International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO'06)IEEE-CSCSDL
CGO (Proceedings) Code Generation and OptimizationACM see "Publication Archive"
Chaos in Electric Drive Systems: Analysis, Control and ApplicationWiley
Channel coding : theory, algorithms, and applications (Academic Press library in mobile and wireless communications)Academic Press/ElsevierScience Direct
CHANTS (Proceedings) Challenged NetworksACM see "Publication Archive"
CHASE (Proceedings) Cooperative and Human Aspects on Software Engineering, ICSE Workshop onIEEE-CSCSDL
CHASE (Proceedings) Cooperative and Human Aspects on Software EngineeringACM see "Publication Archive"
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