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Title: Finite state translation systems and parallel multiple context-free grammars
Authors: Kasami, Tadao
Seki, Hiroyuki
Kaji, Yuichi
カサミ, タダオ
セキ, ヒロユキ
カジ, ユウイチ
嵩, 忠雄
関, 浩之
楫, 勇一
Issue Date: Dec-1993
Publisher: Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Series/Report no.: Information Science Technical Report ~ TR93012
Abstract: Finite state translation systems (fsts') are a widely studied computational model in the area of tree automata theory. In this paper, the string generating capacities of fsts' and their subclasses are studied. First, it is shown that the class of string languages generated by deterministic fsts' equals to that of parallel multiple context-free grammars, which are an extension of context-free grammars. As a corollary, it can be concluded that the recognition problem for a deterministic fsts is solvable in O(n e+1)-time, where n is the length of an input word and e is a constant called the degree of the deterministic fsts'. In contrast to the latter fact, it is also shown that nondeterministic monadic fsts' with state-bound 2 can generate an NP-complete language.
ISSN: 0919-9527
Text Version: author
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