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  • Yamaguchi, Nobutoshi; Huang, Jiangbo; Tatsumi, Yoshitaka; Abe, Masato; Sugano, Shigeo S.; Kojima, Mikiko; Takebayashi, Yumiko; Kiba, Takatoshi; Yokoyama, Ryusuke; Nishitani, Kazuhiko; Sakakibara, Hitoshi; Ito, Toshiro (Springer Nature, 2018-12-11)
    In flowering plants, the switch from floral stem cell maintenance to gynoecium (female structure) formation is a critical developmental transition for reproductive success. In Arabidopsis thaliana, AGAMOUS (AG) terminates ...
  • Bo, Sun; Zhou, Yingying; Cai, Jie; Shang, Erlei; Yamaguchi, Nobutoshi; Xiao, Jun; Looi, Liang-Sheng; Wee, Wan-Yi; Gao, Xiuying; Wagner, Doris; Ito, Toshiro (AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGISTS, 2019-07-01)
    Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) floral meristems terminate after the carpel primordia arise. This is achieved through the temporal repression of WUSCHEL (WUS), which is essential for stem cell maintenance. At floral ...
  • Xu, Yifeng; Prunet, Nathanael; Gan, Eng‐Seng; Wang, Yanbin; Stewart, Darragh; Wellmer, Frank; Huang, Jiangbo; Yamaguchi, Nobutoshi; Tatsumi, Yoshitaka; Kojima, Mikiko; Kiba, Takatoshi; Sakakibara, Hitoshi; Jack, Thomas P; Meyerowitz, Elliot M; Ito, Toshiro (EMBO, 2018-05-15)
    Proper floral patterning, including the number and position of floral organs in most plant species, is tightly controlled by the precise regulation of the persistence and size of floral meristems (FMs). In Arabidopsis, two ...

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