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  • Kuzuhara, Daiki; Yamada, Hiroko; Xue, ZhaoLi; Okujima, Tetsuo; Mori, Shigeki; Shen, Zhen; Uno, Hidemitsu (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010-11-16)
    The metal-free and meso-free [14]triphyrin(2.1.1) compound was successfully prepared based on the intramolecular McMurry coupling reaction of diformyl-tripyrrane in 16% yield, and was converted to the bowl-shaped ...
  • Kuzuhara, Daiki; Xue, ZhaoLi; Mori, Shigeki; Okujima, Tetsuo; Uno, Hidemitsu; Aratani, Naoki; Yamada, Hiroko (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013-08-21)
    Boron complexes of [14]triphyrins(2.1.1) were prepared from free-base [14]triphyrins(2.1.1) with phenylboron dichloride. The absorption spectrum of the meso-free [small beta]-alkyl-triphyrin boron complex in CH2Cl2 showed ...