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著者 "Ueda, Tetsuya" のブラウズ:

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  • Tomita, Satoshi; Kurosawa, Hiroyuki; Sawada, Kei; Ueda, Tetsuya (American Physical Society, 2017-02-02)
    We have experimentally and numerically studied the directional birefringence of X-band microwaves by magnetochiral (MCh) effects of a single metamolecule under dc magnetic fields at room temperature. Phase and amplitude ...
  • Tomita, Satoshi; Kurosawa, Hiroyuki; Ueda, Tetsuya; Sawada, Kei (IOP Publishing, 2018-02-06)
    This review introduces and overviews electromagnetism in structured metamaterials which undergo simultaneous time-reversal and space-inversion symmetry breaking due to magnetism and chirality. Direct experimental observation ...
  • Tomita, Satoshi; Sawada, Kei; Nagai, Shotaro; Sanada, Atsushi; Hisamoto, Nobuyuki; Ueda, Tetsuya (American Physical Society, 2017-10-13)
    This study observes microwave beam splitting dependent on circular polarizations through nonuniform chiral metamaterials. Nonuniform chiral metamaterials with a gradation in refractive index are constructed using chiral ...
  • Hisamoto, Nobuyuki; Ueda, Tetsuya; Sawada, Kei; Tomita, Satoshi (American Physical Society, 2018-02-02)
    We experimentally observe asymmetric electromagnetic field profiles along two-dimensional chiral metamaterials. The asymmetric field profiles depending on the chirality and the operation frequency have been reproduced well ...