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  • Ranniery Maia; Tomoki Toda; Heiga Zen; Yoshihiko Nankaku; Keiichi Tokuda (2007-08)
    This paper describes a trainable excitation approach to eliminate the unnaturalness of HMM-based speech synthesizers. During the waveform generation part, mixed excitation is constructed by state-dependent filtering of ...
  • Jinfu Ni; Toshio Hirai; Hisashi Kawai; Tomoki Toda; Keiichi Tokuda; Minoru Tsuzaki; Sinsuke Sakai; Ranniery Maia; Satoshi Nakamura (2007-08)
    This paper introduces a large-scale phonetically-balanced English speech corpus developed at ATR for corpus-based speech synthesis. This corpus includes a 16-hour American English speech data spoken by a professional male ...
  • Sinsuke Sakai; Jinfu Ni; Ranniery Maia; Keiichi Tokuda; Minoru Tsuzaki; Tomoki Toda; Hisashi Kawai; Satoshi Nakamura (2007-08)
    This paper presents a corpus-based approach to communicative speech synthesis. We chose "good news" style and "bad news" style for our initial attempt to synthesize speech that has appropriate expressiveness desired in ...