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著者 "Oikawa, Shigeru" のブラウズ:

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  • Fujiki, Michiya; Kaino, Toshikuni; Oikawa, Shigeru (高分子学会, 1983)
    The polarized and depolarized components of light scattering by pure poly-(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) were measured as a function of temperature above and below Tg. The PMMA sample used was prepared by a very careful ...
  • Fujiki, Michiya; Oikawa, Shigeru (高分子学会, 1984)
    An unusual temperature dependence of light scattering properties by pure polystyrene (PS) was observed in the temperature range of 30?170°C: the V′v and Vviso′ intensities minimized near Tg, and the H′v intensity changed ...