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著者 "Yanagi, Hisao" のブラウズ:

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  • Riego, Patricia; Tomita, Satoshi; Murakami, Kaoru; Kodama, Toshiyuki; Hosoito, Nobuyoshi; Yanagi, Hisao; Berger, Andreas (IOP Publishing, 2017-04-19)
    We study the magneto-optical (MO) response of permalloy/silver/bismuth (Py/Ag/Bi) trilayer samples in reference to a control Py film by means of spectroscopic generalized MO ellipsometry. The trilayer structures show ...
  • Kodama, Toshiyuki; Tomita, Satoshi; Hosoito, Nobuyoshi; Yanagi, Hisao (SpringerNature, 2016-01-06)
    We have succeeded in fabricating arrays of micrometer-sized, three-dimensional chiral meta-molecule (CMM) of cobalt (Co) by using a strain-driven self-coiling technique. In the arrays, the Co CMMs were fixed on a silicon ...
  • Kodama, Toshiyuki; Tomita, Satoshi; Kato, Takeshi; Oshima, Daiki; Iwata, Satoshi; Okamoto, Satoshi; Kikuchi, Nobuaki; Kitakami, Osamu; Hosoito, Nobuyoshi; Yanagi, Hisao (American Physical Society, 2016-08-24)
    We investigate the ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) of a single chiral structure of a ferromagnetic metal—the magnetochiral (MCh) metamolecule. Using a strain-driven self-coiling technique, micrometer-sized MCh metamolecules ...
  • Suwa, Tomomi; Tomita, Satoshi; Hosoito, Nobuyoshi; Yanagi, Hisao (MDPI AG, 2017-10-20)
    Herein we experimentally study magnetic multilayer metamaterials with broken translational symmetry. Epitaxially-grown iron-gold (Fe-Au) multilayers modulated using Fibonacci sequence—referred to as magnetic inverse ...
  • Matsui, Takahiro; Tomita, Satoshi; Asai, Motoki; Tadokoro, Yuzuru; Takano, Keisuke; Nakajima, Makoto; Hangyo, Masanori; Yanagi, Hisao (2016-02-18)
    Plasmonic chiral metasurfaces with pinwheel-like structures are fabricated on silver films using a focused ion-beam milling technique. In time-domain spectroscopy, we observe terahertz (THz) wave emission from metasurfaces ...